Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

We have had a pretty busy week around here! Thankfully, my energy is coming back, but in it's place is wicked hip and nerve pain. I had this with Addi too and it went away around 12 or 13 weeks. My doctor told me that where the sac is, it's positioned right on a nerve and the bigger it gets, the more it will raise it off the nerve. 

All I know is, Josh and Addi are getting the biggest kick out of me walking around like an old woman. 

Actually, Addi usually gets really worried, and asks 5 dozen times if I'm okay. She's a sweetheart.

On Monday, Addi went to gymnastics! This was her first class and she was PUMPED. We went to Target last week to pick out a few leotards. She really REALLY wanted a Tinkerbell leotard, but we were limited to pink or black. Maybe I will applique a Tinkerbell on there for her. ;) 

The teachers are so sweet. Addi's little group had 4 kids and they were all 2-3. I was really excited to see how Addi did in a class setting. She listened pretty well! They stretched first, then did a couple somersaults down the wedge.  Addi had been practicing at home, so she nailed it. ;)

 Leotards are SO cute!!!
 It looks like she's giving that little girl the stank eye.
 Stretching again?
 Listening! Yay!
 This was her favorite. They were supposed to jump down the trampoline with their hands in the air. Addi was the first to go and it was so funny. BUT. All of the moms in the lobby were like, "Oh my word! She is so good! Is this her first time?" Apparently, Addi's got mad trampoline skills. Better go ahead and watch for her in the 2024 Olympics. 
 This was hilarious. Addi shuffled her feet down the beam. Not one in front of the other, but cartoon style. 
 I should note that on Tuesday, when Addi went to school, she threw the MOTHER of all fits because she couldn't go to Ms. Maria's (her old teachers) room. I went to drop her off and there was a boy inside her class crying really hard and I think it freaked her out, and she wanted nothing to do with going inside. She only wanted Ms. Maria. It was so sad, but so unnerving. She doesn't throw a whole lot of fits, but when she does. WHEW. I need 10 Valiums to settle down. We finally got her squared away and of course she had fun. 
Last night, we were deciding what to fix for dinner. Josh didn't want what I had planned, so we thought chicken parmesan sounded good. This recipe is so quick and easy, and kinda healthy. It's also as good as any restaurant style chicken parm. Here is the recipe. 
 Classic cheese face!!! 
 She was perturbed the wind was blowing her hair. Also, this is Addi's last bubble. :( We are getting really close on potty training and sadly, we are done with adorable bubbles. 
 Long story, but Addi's been on the wait list for a certain school for almost a year. I was SO excited when I got an email this spring that said they had a spot for her. I've heard amazing things about this school and today was open house and meet the teacher! I LOVE Addi's teacher. She is so sweet and kind. The class is small and Addi's one of the oldest in there. We met all the kids and they are sweethearts. I think she is going to have so much fun in there. It's from 9-2 so she will be there for lunch and nap. That will be interesting. It's only one day a week though so I'll try not to miss her too much. :)
 We picked up Panera for lunch afterwards. It sounded so good and it's perfect for this rainy day.
Looks like we are in for a lot of rain the next few days. Stay dry!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Recap!

We had a fantastic weekend! One more week until Razorback football! Can't wait.

9 weeks this Saturday. :) I thought my morning sickness had gone away, because I hadn't had it in a few days, but it was pretty bad this day. I had also been cleaning a lot getting ready for the fantasy draft and started cramping again. I took it as my cue to take a nap. Woke up feeling great. :)
Aunt Rhen came into town! She had just gotten in from NYC and left for College Station today. Addi loved seeing her and we will get to see her and Michael again next weekend!
Addi has a new game where we will tell her, "don't give away your kisses!" And she automatically goes and gives someone a kiss. It's so sweet.
I enjoyed some bubblegum ice cream that night. This is my FAVORITE ice cream ever.
Sunday was draft day! Josh made ribs and wings. We also had jalapeno poppers, pigs in a blanket, and buffalo chicken dip. 
Josh also made delicious brownies. He got the recipe from a Julia Child cookbook. LOL.
We were so excited to see Hadley!!! Her and Addi had so much playing this afternoon.
Addi was giving me the eye here, because instead of calling her, "sweeping booty" I said Addi. Oops.
Love Addi's cheese face. 
I really wish we lived closer!!
They got a little worn out from playing so hard, so we made little pallets and turned on a movie.
Popcorn, M&M's and juice. Didn't hear them make a peep for about 30 minutes. ;)
Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby #2 Details!

Thank you SO much for all the sweet comments, texts, and tweets about our exciting news!!! We are over the moon about our new sweet addition coming this spring. Here are some details...

But first, let me tell you about God's timing with this. Last August, Josh and I had agreed to start trying for another baby. Long story short, we spent 6 months trying (which isn't long at ALL) but I was in a really negative place and I knew deep down it just wasn't our time. I was feeling sorry for myself all the time, vowed never to take a pregnancy test again because I couldn't handle one more negative, and just found myself pretending a lot of the time to be happy for people that were announcing they were pregnant. I felt like I was failing at something I couldn't control. Clearly, not a good place to be.

 And I know that there are people out there that try for 10 years before having a baby. And trust me, I feel like a big jerk even writing that I had those feelings after only 6 months. I just wanted another baby so bad and was consumed by it. Patience is obviously not my virtue. I prayed about it and thankfully was able to step back from the situation and see clearly. God provided peace in knowing that His timing was perfect and I shouldn't worry about things I can't control.

So, we started talking again this spring about when to start trying. There was even talks of IF we should have another. It was a complete 180 from last fall. God was teaching me to be content with what I had. Josh right now is finishing up his phd and will start back to med school in summer of 2013. The way it works out, he will have a few months off in between finishing grad school and starting med school. Which would be PERFECT. He could be home and be able to help me adjust to 2 babes and get to soak in that sweet newborn phase.

We got pregnant the first month of trying. Which means, he will get to be home for 3ish months before having to go back to med school. What an answered prayer. And what perfect timing. Everytime I think about that, I seriously get chills. And it reminds me to not stress about things like that. God will take care of them. We don't have to worry about it. :)

Also, I have a list of sweet friends that are trying to have babies right now. I pray for y'all every single day and I know that your time is coming too. God will provide. 

  • My due date is March 30th. 
  • We went and saw the doctor Tuesday and got to see the baby!  He or she is measuring right on track with a 173 heartbeat. 
  • Addi's heartbeat was the same, so I'm kinda leaning towards another girl. :) Josh is still holding out for a boy.
  • So far I've been pretty nauseous throughout the day. It's getting better though. And I've been taking zofran when needed. Again, same as it was with Addi.
  • I haven't really had any cravings yet. Mostly aversions to: potatoes, and coffee (SAD).
  • Addi has been SO sweet about the new baby. She talks to my belly several times a day, and always kisses it. 
  • Some funny things she has said...
"Oh my tummy! Somethings happening! It's growing! Rub my belly!"

"Come out baby! Come on out of momma's belly!"

She will lift her shirt up for me to talk to her belly.

When we got the ultrasound yesterday, she said, "okay my turn." :)

Unfortunately, I got a TON of stretch marks with Addi. They have faded, but still there. Addi was talking to my belly and seemed to notice them for the first time, and just got this horrified look on her face and kept asking if I was okay. Haha.
  • I've had to remind her a couple times that we don't need to jump on momma, and I think it's finally sunk in. Good thing there is a lot of cushion protecting the baby!
  • I've already started to show a little bit! I'm really excited, but kinda worried about just how big I'm going to get. Eeek. I've heard it happens faster though with your second. 
  • I've also lost my mind. I cannot remember ANYTHING. I have let so many things with PBK fall through the cracks and it breaks my heart. I've had to put my etsy shop on vacation for awhile so I can control the amount of orders coming in. I'm still taking orders, but just through facebook and email. So far, it's been the perfect amount, but I'm still catching up on all my etsy ones too. Good things I've been having touches of insomnia at night! 
  • I did get one of those huge pregnancy pillows and I've been loving it. I'll turn on my heating pad for my back and curl up with that pillow and I'm OUT. Haha! 
Josh has been the BEST, just the absolute BEST in handling first trimester things and has been really patient and understanding if things don't get done around the house. He's a good man. 

Thank y'all again SO much for all the baby love!!! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guess What?

Details to follow. :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School

Today was Addi's first day back to "school." She is going on Tuesday mornings to a Mother's Day Out program at a church down the street. She was so excited to go and especially excited to wear her school bus dress! 
 When I picked Addi up, I heard she had a great day! We always go see the school bus in the parking lot afterwards. 
 We picked Josh up for some lunch at this food truck called, The Southern Gourmasian. Josh had eaten here a few times and said it was so good. I got short ribs with a plum sauce, served with steamed buns and homemade potato chips. Josh got a almond crusted chicken sandwich with a siracha aioli. I've never had anything like this before. It was incredible and SO flavorful. Seriously! The combination of some of the flavors were out of this world.  
 I've been really wanting some sort of soup with fritos and cheese and sour cream. So tonight I made chicken enchilada soup for dinner. It was so good. And made me excited for fall nights. :) 
Hope y'all had a great day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Weekend

We had such a fun weekend. On Saturday, we went to Des Arc to celebrate Lola's 3rd birthday!! Sara had horse rides for the kids, and Addi was in heaven!!! She had been talking about riding horses all week, and when she saw them she got so excited. 
 What surprised me, or I guess not really, was Addi was not timid at all when she got on. I was FREAKED out by horses when I was a kid. She's a fearless kid though.
 We kept getting her to say, "ride like the wind Bulls-eye!" Haha!
 We've also got to get this girl to a rock climbing gym. 
 I was SO impressed by Sara's decorating skills. Everything was so cute and perfect. The theme and decorations just fit Lola perfectly. 

 I LOVE this picture.
 Isn't this adorable?? 
 She had a fun little ice cream sundae bar too. Josh enjoyed that, and I enjoyed a delish slice of cake. Love me some birthday cake. :)
 That night, Addi insisted we call her Tinkerbell. :)
 Tonight, we went to the Smith's house for our Bible study get together. It was fun to see everyone! Addi called this little dog, George and got really sad when she had to leave him. Sweet bear.
Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Back!

So I'm back!!! I've been back for awhile. And sadly, I didn't take a single picture of my beautiful vacation. :( I was afraid of losing my camera or phone so I didn't take it with me. I did snorkel IN THE OCEAN!!! That's a big step for me. Granted, it was a lagoon that was closed off from actual open ocean and there weren't any big fish, but hey, I'm proud. 

Addi had a phenomenal time at Michelle's house! Thank you so much Michelle. 
I missed my princess bear!!!
 Almost as soon as I got home, we packed up again and headed to Hot Springs for a family getaway. 
 It was so great to see everyone!
 Addi had a blast playing with Kason and Kaylie. I wish we lived closer to them!
 Watching the Olympics and having a little late night snack.
 We went to Magic Springs one day. Hot as blazes, but fun!
 Of course, Addi loved every ride.
 This one was probably her favorite.
 They rode it ALOT.
 Gangsta. Not really, I look like Donald Trump.
 Dustin said she was singing, "Call me Maybe." Hahaha!

 Addi's birthday goodies came in! Sarah is so talented and did these! Isn't she great?
 I made some Thanksgiving things for PBK. I'm so pumped for fall. 
 Poor Addi fell one night while running down the hall. She's had a pretty good shiner for a week now. :(
 Josh and I had a day date Sunday. We went to brunch, Sam's, then to see the new Batman movie. Which was INCREDIBLE.........
 He also made ribs that night.
 I got to cuddle sweet Eliza.
 Wittle yawns!!
 Addi was under the weather on Monday. :( But it meant a lot of cuddle time.
 We made a batch of strawberry cupcakes. She loves to help out!
 A little playdate at CFA. Silly girl! 
 I asked her to pose. She makes me laugh so hard.
 Josh took us to lunch today!
 Yummy bento box.
 Okay, I think I am caught up!!! Hope y'all have had a great week!

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