Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a great day!

Yesterday me and Addi went to Searcy for a couple of reasons. Number one was to get my hair done, number two was to have a playdate with Janelle and Rachel, and number three was to get a massage!!! Yes, I had a massage yesterday and it was wonderful. I am loving all the benefits I seem to be reaping from the family's trades. Haha! Seriously, I couldn't have it better. Jeanette is a hairstylist, Francis is going to be a masseuse, Fran is a sewing wizard, and not to mention the medical team we've got going on, we're all set! I had a great time getting my hair done, and I love the color and cut. Addi had fun with Skipma while I was at the salon. The playdate was so much fun too, Addi had a blast playing with Harper and Hadley. At one point I looked over and Hadley was "feeding" Addi a block, but the funny thing was Addi was opening her mouth like it was food! It was hilarious! Thanks girls for letting us come over and play! Afterwards, we went out to the house, and Jeanette and the kids watched Addi while I got a massage! It was so great. We found out Addi likes gogurt! Haha, as I mentioned in a previous post, Addi has been a difficult eater lately. The kids tried to feed her babyfood, but she didn't want much to do with it, so they gave her a gogurt and she gulped it down! She ate two last night like really quickly. Today I went to Walmart and bought some, and then I had the bright idea to put her babyfood in the gogurt sleeve. Low and behold, she gulped down her babyfood! What a weirdo! Anyways, so after we got home last night, I put Addi to bed and Josh brought me home Taco Bueno. We love that place and now there is one fairly close to the house! Yay for great days!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Strong Willed Child

I think Addi is going to be just like her Daddy. Yesterday, she refused to eat anything I tried to give her (baby food). But, if I gave her something like puffs, melts, banana, basically anything she could feed herself she scarfed them down. I would try to sneak in a bite of baby food in between her bites she was feeding herself, but she scrunched up her face and turned away! Oh me. I'm not ready for the independent stage yet! And from what I heard, when Josh was little he always wanted to do things himself and it just sounded exhausting and frustrating. She only ate like one jar of baby food yesterday and I was worried she wouldn't sleep at all last night because she was hungry, but she managed to sleep 10 hours so that was good! This morning she let me feed her some apples, so maybe she changed her mind! I'm thinking of foods I can give her so she can feed herself if it happens again. She doesn't have teeth yet, but she mashes stuff up with her jaw pretty good. Any ideas?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Addi is 7 Months!!!

Where has the time gone? I can't believe how fast she's growing! Slow down Addi, before we know it you will be walking and talking. So what are you up to?

You are crawling now!!! You started a couple of days before you turned 7 months, and now you want to get into everything!

You love food. Especially snacks! You get so excited when I pull the puff jar or the melts bag out of the pantry. You do great in restaurants as long as you have some snacks and some juice. You also tried a teething biscuit, but you weren't too sure about that!

You wear size 3 diapers.

You are wearing 9 month clothes, some 12 month outfits.

You refuse to wear bows now. I try to put one on you nearly everyday, but you just pull them off and try to eat them. :(

You are such a social little thing. Anytime we are out or in church, you turn and look at people and smile real big. You are such a flirt! So many people ask to hold you because you are just so friendly!

You are getting much better at letting other people take care of you while Momma's not there.

You are teething right now, no teeth yet, but I have a feeling they are coming! Because, you haven't been sleeping as well as you did and your biting and drooling alot!

Speaking of sleeping, you sleep from 7-7 still, but you wake up once around 10 to eat. Which is totally fine with me, much better than a couple of weeks ago when you were waking up every 3 hours!

I'm not sure how much you weigh because we didn't go to the doctor this month, but when I weighed you at home you were about 19 lbs.

We love you so much sweetheart!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Makeovers and Brisket

Hi everyone! We just got done with a wonderful weekend! Emma came and stayed with us Saturday so me and Josh got to go out to dinner by ourselves!

We went to Capers which is maybe my new favorite restaurant right now. They had this three course special that I got, and it was to die for. For the appetizer you got fried green tomatoes with crawfish and a really good creamy crawfish sauce. Then for the entree I chose pork tenderloin medallions that had a incredible sauce and it was served with mashed potatoes. For dessert....strawberry shortcake. Maybe the best. Sorry Scott!!! It really was incredible. But, my favorite part was the shrimp bisque we split. OMG. It was so velvety and rich and delicious, I just wanted to die in that soup. It was so good.

Anyways, so while we were at dinner we started talking about maybe smoking something in our new smoker. We went to Fresh Market on our way home and contemplated getting ribs or a brisket. We decided on the brisket. Josh and Noah put the smoker together while Treece gave me and Emma makeovers. It was a lot of fun! I realized we haven't changed much since high school! Poor Josh had to get up every three hours last night to check the water level on the brisket, but his hard work paid off because it was delicious. The smoke penetration was incredible and it had a really nice spice from the dry rub we put on it. All in all, for his first brisket it was pretty dang good! Addi decided she didn't want to nap at all today, so instead of napping me and Emma sewed and played with Addi. She is crawling now and into everything!!!

She always crawls to my lap and wants me to pick her up, or she wants to pull my shirt down. I was sad I didn't get to go to the Nashville half marathon like I planned. It just didn't work out, but it was nice to sleep in a little on Saturday, Josh played with Addi after she woke up from her morning nap and I slept till 12!!! It was awesome. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Josh's Birthday!

We just got done celebrating Josh's 25th birthday and it was such a success! Haha. His actual birthday was on Tuesday and that morning I made him what was supposed to be an omelet, but halfway through flipping it broke in half so it ended up being a scramble. And then I made these nutella croissants. Yum-o. Then me and Addi took him out to lunch to one of our fav places, The House. It was very good. That night, Skipper, Will, Adam and Emma came down and we ate at Koto, which is like a Sho-guns type place that was awesome. Josh got tennis shoes from me and Addi and a smoker from Skipper and Will. The smoker was kinda a present for me too, since I have really been wanting one also! We can't wait to put some ribs or chicken in there. Tonight, we went to the Oyster Bar and had Josh's party. We had reserved a room in the restaurant where they set out oysters, peel and eat shrimp, gumbo, red beans and rice, hush puppies and fried asparagus. It was sooooo good. I ate myself sick. Addi loved it also. She had her first pickle and the whole night she either was munching on the pickle or a piece of bread. It was so funny to watch her! Josh loaded up there also with gifts! He got more tennis shoes, a shuffle, a tennis racket bag, a cool shirt, lotsa hot sauce and a multitude of TJ Maxx gift cards. Yes, Josh LOVES TJMaxx as much as any woman does. Haha! On a side note, Jeanette came over today and organized part of the house. I am loving it. Thanks Jeanette! We've still got a ways to go, but I'm falling in love with the label maker.


These past few weeks have been pretty long. Not only have we been busy, but miss priss hasn't been sleeping very well, AT ALL. It's weird because she was sleeping like 11-12 hours a night straight like clockwork, but something changed a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought it was our weekend trip to Texarkana that messed her schedule up, but I would have thought by now she would be back on track. Let me give you a peek of what her nighttime schedule has been like, then you can feel sorry for me. Haha. Addi goes to bed at 7, is usually exhausted by then and has no problems going to sleep. Then the first wakeup happens sometime around 9 or 10. I feed her then she goes back down. The second wakeup happens like clockwork between 2 and 2:30. I have tried letting her CIO but she is pretty persistent. I feed her then back down, but this time it takes her quite a bit longer to go back down. Then, she will wake up around 6 like she did today and then sleep till 8. Agh!!! I just want a good stretch of sleep! I can tell it's taking a toll on me, I made plans Monday night to go to Sephora with Treece and totally forgot. And we had texted around 5 that afternoon. I just feel like I'm in a daze half the time. I hope this passes quickly! So moms, my question is, how long does this usually last?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Well it's Monday, which means Josh's birthday is tomorrow!!! We plan on eating dinner with Skipper and Will Tuesday night, and then Wednesday night is Josh's big birthday party at the Oyster Bar. I am really excited, they have the best food. I am making these cupcakes I found on Pioneer Woman's website, and she claims it is the best icing in the world, so we'll see how it goes! Our weekend was really fun. Friday night, we went to Treece's parent's house to celebrate all the April birthdays. It was so fun to go over there and reminisce about old times and it was great to see her parents and brothers. We left Addi with Skipper and that little toot didn't go to bed until 10:00! Haha, I felt kinda bad at first thinking she was probably being a terror, but Skipper said they were just having fun playing and she wasn't really fussy at all! Poor thing crashed in the car on the way back. Saturday, we went to Nick and Treva's wedding. It was so much fun, we got to see a lot of friends and we ate at Braum's that night. Addi stayed at home this time with her Great grandma and grandpa, and her Grandpa and Lila. She went to bed much earlier that night! Sunday night, Landon and Cassie came over for dinner and then they went to Coldstone to get their birthday ice creams. If you haven't already, I encourage you to sign up for Coldstone's birthday club. You get a free like it on your birthday! It used to be a love it, but I guess the ice cream business is hurting a little right now. Anyways, it was a pretty busy weekend and we've got a busy week ahead of us too! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Clean!

It seems like the warmer it gets, the busier we get. Weird. Anyways, we finished the Ronald McDonald House spring clean on Saturday! It was so great. We had a lot of people come out and help and all of the rooms look fantastic! Addi stayed with Jeanette, Ashton and Amber, while me and Josh and Mia cleaned. We were pretty worn out after cleaning that much, but it was really fun! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Busy Day!

Wow, me and Addi had such a fun and busy day today, but I am looking forward to relaxing a little tomorrow, that is until I have to make snacks for church! Haha. Addi slept through the night last night! She had been doing that pretty consistently, but then we went to Texarkana and it's been kinda wacky since then, she had been having a 2 a.m. wake-up, so I'm glad she's back to her old schedule! After her morning nap, we got ready and went and had lunch with Lila! This is Addi on her third outfit of the day. The first was pjs, then a super cute dress, but she spit up all over that one. Can I just say how much I love this little linen bubble I got a Rhea Lana's for like $3! And I love how she's looking at her paci like, what am I supposed to do with this mom!

It is getting so hard to get Addi to look at the camera these days. I basically have to make really high pitched bird like noises for her to look at me and then jump around if I want her to smile. Yes, picture it, it really is as hilarious as it sounds. Anyways, so we met up with Jeanette at Zaza's and had really yummy salads. I fed Addi like 10 puffs and she didn't make weird faces! Maybe she likes them now!

After lunch, Jeanette went and got her hair done, and me and Addi may or may not have walked across to Cupcakes on Kavanauh. They don't have the strawberry shortcake cupcake yet, but when they out! It's my all time fav. If there is one thing I can't resist besides fresh cut fries, it's a cupcake.

Addi fell asleep on the way back, so I decided to run a couple of errands. One of those included stopping at Hobby Lobby and checking out their Easter decor since I knew it would be on sale. I got a couple of things that you can paint yourself, and I thought that may be fun for me and Addi to do next year. But then I thought, Addi will only be 18 months. Oh well, I'll have fun doing them! I also got some really cute fabric that was on sale and I'm attempting my first outfit for Addi. I'll post a picture if I'm not too embarrassed! We then went to Babies'R'Us with Jeanette and bought Addi a walker! I'm so excited about this. We let Addi test drive the walker first and she took a couple of steps! I really think she is going to love it, and it's super cute.

When we got home, I had to turn around and go right back out to my very first events planning committee meeting! We are in the process of planning the Ronald McDonald House golf classic which will be on August 23rd. I am so excited!! I felt like a grownup again. Although, when I did work, I never had meetings in a boardroom, but still! Hope y'all had a great day too!
P.S. By the way, if you know Warren Stephens on a personal level, I would love an introduction! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mega Easter Post

We just wrapped up Addi's first Easter and it was so much fun. Poor little girl didn't get a nap today so she was a bit on the cranky side and definitely ready to get into bed when she got home. This morning when she woke up we sat together and read her story of Easter book. She liked it, but was way more interested in chewing on the book than looking at the pictures. She played for a little bit with her toys while I got our Easter brunch ready. While Addi took a nap, I got ready then we ate! I made Pioneer Woman's sleepin' in omelet, which is de-licious. And PW's monkey muffins also.

We got to church and for the first time we put Addi in the nursery during service. When she was a little baby, she always slept through church so we never actually took her out of her carrier. Now, all she wants to do is look and flirt with everyone and squeal at her toys, which is just adorable, but I know it is very distracting! She did great, she didn't nap at all, just played. I was really glad to hear it went so well. I kept looking at the back entrance waiting for the nursery lady to come tell me Addi was out of control! After church, we headed to Searcy for lunch at Josh's grandma's house. It was so good, we had a big turkey dinner. I made my chocolate pie, but I only brought one, which was a mistake. But, I had ran out of eggs and didn't feel like going back to Kroger. Luckily, Josh's grandma had made another dessert!

Would you believe that's the only picture we got of the three of us today! And it's only one of three I took of Addi in her outfit. Shocking, I know.
After lunch, we went on an easter egg scavenger hunt that was so much fun. We broke up into teams and had to find eggs, unscramble the messages that led us to our next clue, then after all the eggs had been collected we had to spell out a special easter message. I am proud to say that my team won, and I am the one who guessed the message! It was "he has risen." It's all about the small victories in life. Haha.
After that, we went to Scott's house to find our Easter baskets there. Addi's was hidden underneath the deck, but she didn't have to look very hard for it. Mine and Josh's were a little more difficult! His was hidden up in a tree, and mine was out in the camper!!! They were well worth it. The theme of the baskets this year was swimsuits. We each got swimsuits, coverups and accessories. Along with tons of candy! Thanks Grandpa and Lila!!

After we left there, we stopped by Mimi and Dennis's for awhile. Mimi just loves Addi and always is so good with her. Addi loves to bounce on Mimi's knee.

It was such a great day and a great weekend too! I hope ya'lls Easter was great

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Day at the Park!

Yesterday, me and Addi met up with Sarah and Weston and went to the park/lake at Maumelle. It was gorgeous yesterday so we were so glad to get out and play. The park is just beautiful and there were tons of kids and babies there, so I have a feeling we will be frequent visitors there! We put Addi and Weston on the swings and they really enjoyed it! Addi wasn't too sure at first, but once she saw how much fun Weston was having she really got into it! I hope we can go back soon!

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