Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sick Day...Sorta

First, let me say Addi is sick. Insert major sad face here. :( This afternoon, I was about to rock her and lay her down for a nap, and when I laid her head on my shoulder it was so hot so I took her temperature and it was 100.4! Oh my word, I started tearing up a little bit, because this is the first time Addi has had a fever! We've been very blessed during Addi's first year, and she's only been sick like once, and it was basically just a runny nose. Anyways, so I called Skipper first and she calmed me down (thanks Skip-ma!) and said to give her Tylenol and just keep an eye on it. It has been back at 98.7 for the last three hours, so that is good. I felt so bad because, once you see what all we did today you will probably scold me for Addi being out so much! But seriously, she didn't act any different!!! She was her smiley social self, just with a slight runny nose. She only started getting clingy and felt hot towards the end of the afternoon. Her right eye was getting a little gunky towards the end of the night, so I'm hoping we don't have an eye infection on our hands too!

So onto the fun part of our day! Today Mia came and paid us a visit!!! We had so much fun and Addi was so excited to see her! We went to lunch first at Izzy's. We both said we wanted somewhere different, because we always eat at the same couple of places it seems. Izzy's was a good choice. Everything there tastes fresh and homemade. I got the chicken alfredo and it was definitely homemade sauce! So good. Mia got a really good looking salad and potato soup. I want to go back because the menu is HUGE and I saw like 10 other things I want to try! We also split this for dessert! Very yummy!

After lunch, we went to Michael's, the post office, Target, and Hobby Lobby. So basically, I showed Mia what it's like to be a stay at home mom. Haha! Besides Michael's, these are the places we frequent most.

And yes, Addi is turned around in the seat, she did that herself and we let her stay like that for maybe a minute! Haha!

We were sad to see Mia go, but so glad she came and hung out with us!

So after Mia left was when I found out Addi had a fever. We cuddled in the rocking chair for about 10 minutes before Addi was conked out. She took a quick nap then woke up and we watched Shrek and cuddled on the couch.

Here's a little video from this afternoon also. She was bear crawling all over the place tonight, give's me hope walking might be around the corner! Haha, but it cracked me up that she grabbed Dixie like that!
Hope y'all had a great day and hoping Addi is better by tomorrow!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Addi-11 Months!

I forgot to do this post last week, whoops!

Addi, you are 11 months!!! What are you up to?

-You are in size 4 diapers.

-You are wearing 12 month outfits.

-You have started pointing at things, and we tell you what they are.

-Still not walking! Come on Addi, don't you want to? :)

-You are pretty much done with baby food, you still eat yogurt every day and sometimes I'll give you a veggie puree since you aren't a fan of solid veggies, except french fries.

-You still drink 18-20 oz. of formula a day. When we get done with the case of formula we have, your going to whole milk. We've gradually started introducing it and you seem to really like it.

-You can sign "all done" and "more".

-You love your baby doll and it's so sweet when you love on her and it seems sometimes like you are rocking her.

-You say "hi!" and wave hello and bye bye.

-There is still no stranger anxiety with you! You seem to love everyone and always want random people to hold you.

-Your favorite thing right now is your new rocking horse!

-You are taking baths in the big bath tub! You have so much fun during bathtime!

-You say mama, dada, hi, that and you point. When I say something like, "say hi to Dixie" you look at dixie and say hi and then make a sound that sorta sounds like Dixie. Haha!

-You have been sleeping till 10 some days. But mostly, your schedule is 7:30 to 8:30. We stopped rocking you to sleep and you do great! We just lay you in your crib and by the time we walk to the kitchen you are already asleep!

-You absolutely LOVE little boys!!! Every time you see one, you yell at them trying to get them to look at you, or you attack them. Oh dear...

-You have started randomly picking up your hand and holding it you your ear like it's a phone and saying "hi!" It cracks us up!!!

We love you so much Addi. You are the most perfect little angel baby I've ever seen. I am so lucky to be your momma! I don't know where this year has gone! Please slow down! :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend, busy, but great! Saturday, Mur and Granddad came to see us! They were in town for Granddad's med school reunion and they brought Addi a little present!

To say she loves it, is an understatement!

It was Josh's when he was little! Isn't that cute?

We took them to Milford Track for lunch, and ran into some of Josh's lab co-workers! Ania brought Nadia and Addi LOVED her! Nadia is 5 months old and she was in her car seat when we first got there. Addi got so excited when she saw her and started "petting" her. It was so sweet!

When we got home, Addi had a little more rocking horse action before her nap.

We put Addi down and then me and Mur went to Hobby Lobby and Hancock's. We got some cute fabric, and some decorations for Addi's party. Speaking of party, I ordered her invites and I have the proof! I want to show y'all so bad, but it will have to wait. I want to get them mailed first and then I'll post it!
We had a fun little afternoon, just lots of playing and laughing at all the funny things Addi has started doing.

For dinner, we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger with Stephen and Emily! We had a great time!

After we got Addi to bed, we watched all these Scare Tactics videos on Youtube. Oh my word, we laughed so hard! If Josh ever put me on a show like that I would have a heart attack!
Addi slept till 10 on Sunday morning, which was great, but we had to rush to get ready for church! When I dropped her off in the nursery, the lady in there was so happy to see her because she said Addi was very easy. I'm so proud!! She never cries when I leave, probably because she is so excited about all the new toys! :) When I was walking back through the foyer to go sit down, this lady stopped me and was commenting on how cute Addi was. She looked so familiar and it was the girl I met in Hobby Lobby that one day who is having a little girl in September, on Addi's due date! It was fate that we met again! I was so excited, because after I left HL that day, I kept thinking, "man I should have asked her what her name was because we have so much in common!" I told Josh when I sat down, and he looked at me like I was crazy! Haha. I guess it does sound kinda weird that I made a friend in Hobby Lobby!
We went and ate lunch at Copeland's which was sooo good. Addi was very tired towards the end of lunch so we went and walked around for a good bit while everyone finished up.

I went and ran errands this afternoon, I did my grocery shopping at the new Kroger on Chenal. It's INCREDIBLE!!! I definitely went on the busiest day, but it is so cool. There is a whole section devoted to "natural foods" that someone (Michelle) will love. :)

Addi has also graduated to the big bath tub! She LOVES having all the extra room to splash around, and her favorite thing is to pull out the drain. Haha.

We just finished watching the Emmy's and I can't wait for all of our Thursday night shows and Glee to come on! We also saw some other shows we might start watching! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Kiss Kiss Friday

We had a great day today! For some reason, I felt like I needed to finish all of my sewing projects. I just...got...done...and I'm done for awhile I think. Addi has got some amazingly cute little outfits for fall, I'll post them once they are entirely finished(monogramming, appliques, etc.) I now have a giant mess on my hands that needs to be cleaned up before Josh's grandparents come tomorrow. So why am I blogging? Glad you asked!!!

We went up to the office I used to work at to go eat lunch with Mandy! It's so weird and I didn't plan this at all, but today is the one year anniversary of my retirement. Addi was so happy to show everyone her new skills of waving and saying hi and talking on her hand phone. We went to Mimi's for lunch, I got the grilled cheese...again. It's so good!!! Thanks for a fun lunch date Mandy!
When we got home Addi wanted to play some before she napped. I adore this little cow outfit! My aunt got it for her.

And sorry Lily that we still haven't gotten your baby back to you. I promise Addi's not holding her hostage, well she kinda is I guess, but she's taking very good care of her!

When Addi woke up from her nap we worked on a new skill. If you say gimme a kiss Addi! She will kiss you! It's so sweet!!! I've been saying "kiss kiss Addi!" all night. Precious!

Treece is leaving for Charlotte tonight so we went to Five Guys as a farewell dinner. It was a good choice. :)
Hope y'all had a great day!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

So Proud!!!

I just had to show y'all what I just finished making for Addi.

Isn't it precious?! It's a pillowcase romper. I am so proud that I made this. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want and need a monogram machine so I can make it even more cuter! Tee hee. I guess Josh knows what I want for Christmas now!


Today me and Addi went to Searcy so I could get my hair highlighted and cut. I forgot to charge my camera so although there was major cuteness on Addi's side, I didn't have anything to document it. Sad day. Jeanette did my hair at the house and it was so nice, because Addi could just crawl around and do her thing while Jeanette did "hair" thing. Hahaha I crack myself up! Anyways, I went to rinse my foils out and when I came back downstairs Addi and Jeanette were outside swinging. Addi was passed out! Oh my goodness, I forgot that poor child hadn't had a nap all day! I felt so bad, especially when an hour later she was still sound asleep even after I transported her to her carseat! She slept the entire way home poor thing!
In other news, it was GORGEOUS today. Perfect temp, even a little cool this morning! I hope it stays like this!
We also went to Canon Grill tonight for dinner with Josh and Mia! So excited to see Mia, she came down to help Treece and Noah clean since they are leaving on Saturday. :( We are planning a girl's day soon in which we will take Addi to the zoo! So fun!

Just in case you forgot what Addi looks like...

Now I'm off to clean my messy house. Hope y'all had a great day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What we did today instead of cleaning...

First let me say, Addi is teething...again. And I think she's getting her one year molars. From what I've heard these are awful!!! She slept just horrible last night and we can tell she's in quite a bit of discomfort. Poor sweet girl! What stinks is Addi doesn't sleep well with us anymore. Used to, we would just put her in bed with us, but now she tosses and turns too much and nobody gets good sleep. :( Hopefully, we can get through this quickly!

We did have a great day regardless of being sleepy girls! We met up with some of our playgroup and went to Splash Park. Addi was a little hesitant at first. She liked sticking her hand in the water, but if I put her down she wanted back up...and fast! Thanks Michelle for taking these pics!

Here is Addi and her friend Lily! Lily was so sweet to give Addi a yellow flower and then "pet" her. :)

After we had enough splashing, we headed up to the River Market for some lunch. Lily was an absolute angel the whole lunch, Addi on the other hand would rather attract as much attention as she can to herself. I looked over at one point and Addi had the entire table next to us looking at her and she was just cheesing at them! We decided it was time to go when Addi sat in her yogurt and threw most of her snacks on the floor. Thanks Lily and Michelle for such a fun afternoon!

When we got home, Addi decided she didn't want to nap quite yet, so we played in the living room till she finally wanted to nap. When she was down, I finished some of my sewing projects I've been working on. I am in LOVE with these precious little baby gowns!

I am also SOOO proud of this little dress! I've still got to add a few finishing touches like finish the sleeves and I'm putting some elastic string on the sleeves to create a peasant sleeve style look. I'll probably monogram this dress also.

For dinner I made this AMAZING slow cooker chicken. Click here to go to the recipe. Trust me and make this soon, you will thank me!

Hope y'all had a great day!!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fun Tuesday!

Today was just a wonderful day. First, I woke up to this little peanut head and she was just an absolute JOY today! It amazes me that she will play quietly in one room and let me do the things around the house that need to get done. She's the best!

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing more than she loves to do than pull out all of my ribbons and sewing accessories and go to town!

I was craving Chili's chips and salsa, so we went and got that for lunch, plus a vanilla diet coke from Sonic. It could have been a great day just based on that alone!

We also went to my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. And to Addi's favorite store, Babies R' Us. Just kidding, I have no clue what her favorite store is. For $15 I got all of this. Now, I went in to get thread because I had run out, right before I was finished with this super cute baby gown! But, I found all this stuff and felt like I needed it. Don't judge! :)

Yes, I am one of those crazy people that decorate for fall. I can't help it, I LOVE everything about fall! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. It just stinks because we won't actually be feeling fall temps until mid October.

Oh and Addi decided to be BFF's with the checkout lady in Hobby Lobby and I literally had to pull her away from her when it was time to go! She didn't want anything to do with me, she was having fun with the Hobby Lobby lady!

I did a cheap and easy little decorating project with this wooden E. All I did was trace the E onto some scrapbooking paper, cut it out and then mod podged it onto the E. So easy, and I think it turned out really cute!

We also had our fourth installment of Bite Nite this evening! Sadly it is Treece and Noah's final Bite Nite, as they are leaving and moving to Charlotte on Saturday. :(
Don't move!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so the theme was Southern Comfort Food. Oh man, was there a spread. We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans that were cooked with ham, grilled corn with a Mexican flair, biscuits, cornbread, sweet tea and Chick fil a lemonade! For dessert, chocolate pie with chocolate whipped cream. I am hurting I ate so much!

Addi was all about Kyle tonight! She kept wanting to go to him.

Addi LOVED the biscuits.

Josh T. kept Addi occupied for part of the night!

And then there was dorkball.

Girl's got to play this time!!!

I got super competitive and angry when I lost. That's why I don't play sports. That and I'm super un-athletic.

BF's pic!

Dorkball pic.

What should our next Bite Nite be themed? We have done Italian, Mexican and Southern. I would love to hear your suggestions!

Hope y'all had a great day!

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