Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Addi versus the cereal

Tonight, Addi tried cereal. She definitley had mixed feelings. At times it looked like she liked it and other times it looked like she was going to barf. It was pretty hilarious!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Addi at 4 Months

So Addi doesn't turn 4 months till next week, but it's close enough so I thought I would list her stats and her favorite things.

She weighs 14 lbs. 12 oz. and is almost 24 inches long.

She tries so hard to roll over, she's only done it once, but she is definitley working on it!

She loves to grab at toys and gets frustrated if she can't reach it.

She is such a happy baby in the mornings, but at night she is usually very fussy unless I'm holding her standing up.

She still isn't in her crib, she's actually in bed with us, but we are working on making the big transition.

She can laugh now, it sounds like she's coughing most of the time.

If Dixie walks by her she will grab onto hair or her leg.

She loves all of her toys, especially her new jumperoo.

She sleeps on average 7-8 hours at night then will wake up and feed and sleep for 3 more hours, then she's up for the day. She will take 2-3 long naps a day and will catnap closer to bedtime. Gotta love that.

She is in size 2 diapers, but is about to outgrow those I think! We've had a couple of blowouts recently.

She is very attached to her momma, we need to start working on that so I can go places without her! But secretly I LOVE it!

I can't believe she is growing this fast!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Playdate for Addi!

Yesterday I took Addi to Janelle's house so her and Hadley could play. They had so much fun. Hadley kept wanting to give Addi hugs and squeeze her feet. We had a great lunch with Skipma, Cassie and Aunt Honey. Addi was pretty tired after lunch so Hadley let her sleep in her crib. Then we took lots of pictures of the babies playing. Thanks again Hadley and Janelle for letting us come over and play!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

First Volunteer Oppurtunity!

Well, I finally signed up to volunteer somewhere! Where you ask? The Ronald McDonald house! We are going to make dinner one night for all the families there, they estimated about 35 people! I'm so excited to share a wonderful meal for these families that have been at doctor's appointments all day or have critically ill children and the last thing they need to worry about is a meal. Sooo...I don't know what I'm making yet, it will probably be a casserole of some sort maybe? Maybe a soup? Any ideas? :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Wow. I can't believe it's 2010! That is so weird. I love making resolutions, even though most of them don't last very long! My resolutions this year are:
1. Get in shape (I make this one every year, but last year it didn't count because I was pregnant.)
2. Be more crafty. I really want to start making things and doing crafts and stuff like that. I have a short attention span and a really quick temper, so this may not last very long.
3. Volunteer!
4. Try new things in regard to food. I'm a wuss when it comes to different foods and I tried tuna sashimi the other day and it was amazing, so I'm going to see what else I'm missing out on.

I'm beginning my first "crafty" project next week. I'm redoing our guest bedroom. I will post some before and after pics. It needs serious help right now because it's closet is kinda our storeall for junk and random stuff. And there isn't any theme and nothing matches. It's driving me nuts!

Oh and Remus is back!!! We posted missing dog flyers with his picture on it and a lady called me the next day saying she had him! She only lived like a street over from us so he didn't get far. We really lucked out though. I was so worried that he was going hungry and was lonely, but this lady who took him was a saint. She owns four other dogs and one of them she had rescued also. She let Remus sleep in her bed and fed him table scraps, lol. And Remus made four new dog friends too! He had a nice little vacation, but he was excited to see Dixie and Gary. He still wants to eat Gary. Ha ha

Wish me luck as I take down Christmas decorations!!!

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