Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Essentials

1. Bagel Thins for your picky toddler. Addi ate two WHOLE bagels for breakfast.

2. Pioneer Woman's iced coffee. A little bit of work goes into this, but trust me, it's SO worth it. I've had three glasses today. Sure, I'm a bit jittery, but it's SO good.

3. Capri Suns.

4. Sprinklers.

5. Shaded backyard to protect you from the blazing sun.

6. Pregnant Spiders. Wait no, you don't need these.
The spider is already dead in this one and it kind of blends in with the rocks, but if you look close you can see it, with the sac on it's back. EWWWW.

7. According to Addi, all you need is a set of stairs!

8. A cute ponytail.

9. The right shoes.

10. A good nap.

Happy Summer from Us!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our week so far


Addi and I stayed home and I cleaned, unpacked and got caught up on laundry. Josh took these pictures of Addi and I just love them!

LOVES to call the Hogs!

Cleaning day was rough on Mommy. :)


We went to Jump Zone with our playgroup! Thank you for being awesome Michelle and taking the one picture of Addi not running away from the camera.

Nancy and Addi were twinkies, but this was the best picture I could get! They had on the same skirt and seahorse shirts!
Addi and Harper!

Addi decided she didn't need a nap, so we watched Sleeping Beauty in our bed. We also took some fun pictures with the webcam!

For dinner, we fried a bunch of stuff. Always delicious! We had fried venison, fried green tomatoes,corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy and fried squash. In preparation for this meal, I did KenpoX. Probably should have done it twice. :)


I had to take my embroidery machine to get serviced today. :( The little clamp that holds the hoop on plus the automatic threader just randomly fell off. Hopefully it will be a quick fix because I am itching to do some fall and Razorback designs!

Addi is napping right now and I am trying to get together a binder of some sort of activities we can do indoors. It is getting so hot here that our outdoor time is limited and we still got a LOT of summer left! Haha! If you have any ideas, send them my way!

Hope y'all have a great day!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

We are back!!! This past week/weekend we have been at the beach for our best friend's (Carson and Nichole's) wedding! We drove all the way to Virginia Beach Wednesday night, and got there Thursday afternoon. It is a mammoth drive of 18 hours! Josh was in beast mode and drove a 12 hour leg, then Landon finished off the last five hours. Once we got to the house, we had just a few hours to rest before we had to be at the beach for the rehearsal. Josh LOVES the new camera, and the lighting was SO good so we took a few pictures before the rehearsal.
Cassie and I! Her and Landon joined us on the supremely long car ride and I am very glad they did!

Me and Joshy.

Josh told us to, "pretend like your walking." Got it boss!

Josh told me he really likes this picture, although I think I look angry.

The rehearsal dinner was great! I got crab cakes and they were amazing!!! We did a little late night swimming, NOT in the ocean!!!! Prime time for shark attacks are at dawn and dusk, and you definitively DON'T want to be in the ocean at night, sorry, just had to insert my PSA for the day. Anyways, the house we were staying at had a pool and there were like 12 of us in the house and it was SOO much fun! I actually got in and swam in the deep end despite the pool lights being out! I was proud!

On Friday, I slept in because I was drained from car exhaustion and staying up so late. The guys attempted to go deep sea fishing, but pretty much all of them got sick and didn't catch anything so they came back early. We all went and ate lunch then we tried to find a camera charger because my camera battery was dead and I forgot to bring the charger. :( We did find one at a Radio Shack! Yay! We headed back to the house and again, had just a few hours to rest and get ready before the wedding! I finished "The Confession" by John Grisham. It was SOOO good. I am a HUGE JG fan and I felt like this was more of the "classic" Grisham. I highly recommend it.

Anyways, so once we got to the wedding site, the girl's helped set up some of the tables and decorations for the reception while the boys took pictures on the beach. Once they got done, we had time to kill before the wedding started, so we decided to take more pictures.

The wedding was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Nichole was a stunning bride and I had tears when I saw Carson see her for the first time! It was such a sweet moment and just a really great ceremony. I am SO happy for both of them and I know they have waited a long time to find each other! Ahh I just love weddings!!!

Again, more pictures...

Josh in his element.

Girls before the wedding!

Me and the hubs.
Not real sure what we were trying to do!

Cassie accidentally kneed Landon in the crotch. Hilarious!!!
Awkward prom pic!
Bride and Groom.

Nice photobomb Josh!
Pretty sunset.

And more from the reception...

Me and my hot date!
Nick and Treva!
Michele and Keith!

We stayed up till 4 A.M. that night talking with friends. It was crazy because the time just flew and we didn't even realize how late it was! Haha! We slept in on Saturday then headed to the beach!
The water was pretty chilly at first and the waves were HUGE!
I seriously had a blast jumping in the waves. I was so shocked too because I've never been out that deep in the ocean before, but honestly it was the most crowded beach I've ever seen and based on what I know about sharks, they aren't going to be near that many people so I took comfort from safety in numbers!

I will say, the waves were ginormous and I was out almost shoulder deep! I was WORN OUT at the end of the day! We went and ate dinner with Kyle's brother, Grant and two of his friends for his birthday! We ate at a seafood place on the beach and then we headed back to the house to get packed up to go.

It was a fun trip, but I was SO ready to get back to see Addi. I missed her so so much and we just couldn't wait to see her. I feel like she has grown a ton since we saw her last and she was doing and saying new things! Last night, they said she gathered everyone on the stairs, like pulled on their legs and directed them to where they were supposed to sit and then once everyone was seated, she led them in calling the Hogs. HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Then, Scott said she grabbed a clean diaper and the wipes and led him over to the couch where she climbed up then laid down, like "okay, change me now!" What in the world? So, we are going to start potty training tomorrow and that makes me a little sad! I can't believe she's growing up so fast. Also, she swam SO much while she was there, and tonight I watched her and girlfriend can swim! Like kick her legs and arms! Crazy! She's such a big girl!

I am so glad to be back and I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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