Saturday, December 31, 2011

Purging, Painting and a Tip!

This week has been dedicated to getting the house back to normal. I have gone through each room and thrown away or donated a ton of things we don't need or use anymore. I am just astounded at the amount of junk in our house! I've also been deep cleaning and organizing each room as I go. I'm almost finished, I just have the guest room and that's it! I'm glad to be done with it and I'm ready to start the new year fresh! I have to share with you this amazing cleaning tip I found off of Pinterest. It's a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You mix these into a paste and slather it on anything you are having trouble cleaning. Here is what I used it on. This is the door that is in our laundry room that goes to the outside. Filthy.


I was blown away by the results and I have used it on just about everything! I cleaned our oven, my stand mixer, some pans, the toaster, and some spatulas that were in desperate need of a scrub. If you use it on stainless steel, just be prepared to rinse it a few times because it does leave a film. So cheap and it's usually things you have on hand. Here is the site I found it on.

We made a Target trip for some storage items and Addi was having fun coming up with new ways to ride in the cart. Haha!
The side lean.
She was a good little helper!
Rhen and Michael payed us a visit. Addi LOVES Michael. She would imitate everything he did. So funny.
And sweet!
We also got dinner with Papa and Lila. Two of Addi's favorite people. :)

We got Belle back! She had a fun vacation at Papa's house.
When we came home, Addi started organizing our DVD's. I had a pile of them out and she put them in the correct cases. Crazy!
I am reading, The Happiest Toddler on the Block, right now because we are going through some pretty normal toddler behavior right now! ;) Addi has got her Daddy's personality that is for sure. I was told when Josh was her age, he refused to let anyone help him and was extremely strong-willed. That is exactly Addi right now. If she is getting frustrated with a task, if I even whisper the word "help", it's over. She loses it big time! She wants to do it herself! :) I was reading this passage in the book and thought I would share. There is a silver lining!
Today, we did a little painting!

My little artist!
And tonight, we got to see Rhen and Michael again! Addi danced with each of us and had a blast.
They wore her out good! :)
I hope y'all have had a great week!

Christmas 2011 Part Four

We waited for everyone to get in on Monday, then we gathered together and started opening presents!
This was Addi's favorite part. We could have just wrapped empty boxes and she would have been just as happy to open those.
Kaylie and Kason were her favorite people of the weekend! :)
Taking a little break with Aunt Lynda.
Check out that sweet scarf!
"Hold on, you don't have fruit snacks in stock? Unacceptable."
What a diva!
Such talented musicians in this family!
SO sweet! They were watching Despicable Me.
Playing on Granddad's new piano.
I ate wayyy too much lemon ice box pie this weekend!
Pedicure's with the girls!
Sad to say bye, but we had a blast!

We had a fantastic holiday and I hope you did too!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 Part Three

Once we got back from church, Josh sent me straight to bed so they could start assembling Santa presents! Apparently, Addi had a huge one and they wanted me to be surprised too. :) I stayed up and read half of the Hunger Games. I've read it before, but I want to re-read them before the movie comes out. I was also so excited I couldn't sleep! Haha!

Scott made a delicious breakfast for all of us that morning. One of my favorite parts about Christmas morning. :) Addi played with this little cow that Jeanette got her. It starts laughing and rolling around if you walk by it. Addi got a kick out of it!

Seeing her big present!
A trampoline!!!?!?! Thanks Santa!!!!
Christmas morning extravaganza.
Addi was a little overwhelmed at first, being as how she just woke up and everything!
We decided to open presents and let her warm up to the idea of jumping.
Amber and Emma.
Josh FINALLY got a new phone. His is SOOO old!
Yay!!!! She loved it once she finally got in it!
We went to eat lunch at Josh's grandma's house after we were done with presents. She made the best turkey dinner with all the fixins! So good! It was so nice outside, we went and played for awhile in our pj's. :)
Addi liked laying in the leaves.

Throwing the football.

Next we went to Josh's mom's house. Addi was a pro at opening presents by then!
Check out her rainboots! Once she opened those, she wanted them on immediately and didn't take them off all day.

Sweet little red baby toms! LOVE!
We went back to Little Rock after Skipper's house and packed up to head to Texarkana. We made the rookie mistake of not eating before we left the house. I looked up online and found out IHOP and Waffle House are the only restaurants open Christmas Day. Both of these places were PACKED, so we just settled for chips at a gas station until we got to Texarkana. Oops.

The final chapter is up next!

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