Saturday, December 31, 2011

Purging, Painting and a Tip!

This week has been dedicated to getting the house back to normal. I have gone through each room and thrown away or donated a ton of things we don't need or use anymore. I am just astounded at the amount of junk in our house! I've also been deep cleaning and organizing each room as I go. I'm almost finished, I just have the guest room and that's it! I'm glad to be done with it and I'm ready to start the new year fresh! I have to share with you this amazing cleaning tip I found off of Pinterest. It's a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You mix these into a paste and slather it on anything you are having trouble cleaning. Here is what I used it on. This is the door that is in our laundry room that goes to the outside. Filthy.


I was blown away by the results and I have used it on just about everything! I cleaned our oven, my stand mixer, some pans, the toaster, and some spatulas that were in desperate need of a scrub. If you use it on stainless steel, just be prepared to rinse it a few times because it does leave a film. So cheap and it's usually things you have on hand. Here is the site I found it on.

We made a Target trip for some storage items and Addi was having fun coming up with new ways to ride in the cart. Haha!
The side lean.
She was a good little helper!
Rhen and Michael payed us a visit. Addi LOVES Michael. She would imitate everything he did. So funny.
And sweet!
We also got dinner with Papa and Lila. Two of Addi's favorite people. :)

We got Belle back! She had a fun vacation at Papa's house.
When we came home, Addi started organizing our DVD's. I had a pile of them out and she put them in the correct cases. Crazy!
I am reading, The Happiest Toddler on the Block, right now because we are going through some pretty normal toddler behavior right now! ;) Addi has got her Daddy's personality that is for sure. I was told when Josh was her age, he refused to let anyone help him and was extremely strong-willed. That is exactly Addi right now. If she is getting frustrated with a task, if I even whisper the word "help", it's over. She loses it big time! She wants to do it herself! :) I was reading this passage in the book and thought I would share. There is a silver lining!
Today, we did a little painting!

My little artist!
And tonight, we got to see Rhen and Michael again! Addi danced with each of us and had a blast.
They wore her out good! :)
I hope y'all have had a great week!

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