Friday, May 27, 2011

At least we had cupcakes.

Yesterday, our playgroup came to our house for what was supposed to be a tie-dye party! We had a grand idea of tie-dyeing shirts for all the kids in the backyard while they frolicked around and we munched on Mexican food. I totally dropped the ball on that one. I have never tie-dyed anything in my life so I'm not sure why I volunteered to do this, but needless to say the only tie dying that was there was some tie dyed cupcakes. Whoops! :) We had fun regardless, and there was super good Mexican food there as well. Brittany brought glorious cheese dip, and Tara had homemade salsa. I ate a huge plate of it. SO good.

There was also, enchiladas, fruit, tie dye cupcakes, and Mexico Chiquito punch!

There was one little girl who was not on her best behavior. She had gone to bed late and I had to wake her up before people got there. She was not thrilled about that. She also only wanted a cupcake and spoonfuls of peanut butter for lunch. Pick your battles people.

The rest of the kids were SO sweet and although we didn't go outside because it was still a little yucky out, they had fun playing inside. Addi's room is always a highlight area.

And yes, Addi showed me how she could climb out of her crib. Oh my word!!! I'm not ready for a toddler bed yet!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heifer Village

Today we went to the Heifer International Center with our playgroup! I was under the impression they had animals you could pet, but they didn't. The kids still had a great time regardless. The whole center was very hands on and informative. I can't wait to take Addi back in a few years when she can understand a little better. The whole idea of the program is so neat. They want to end world hunger and poverty. It's all about providing sustainable income for those in need. Like they give a cow to someone, then they can take the offspring of the cow to their neighbor's and so on and so forth, and also use the products of said animal to sell and get more animals to continue the cycle.

After we got done there, we went to Chikfila for lunch. I got turned around a couple of times, was late getting there, and then Addi threw a giant fit once we got there. Stress!!! We ended up leaving early and Addi is taking a good nap right now.

I can't end this post without mentioning those affected by the horrible tornado in Joplin. SO many lives were lost and many homes were destroyed. I can't stop thinking about them and I encourage you to pray for them, and those in the path of the storm tonight. I am so ready for this terrible weather to be over!

Be safe tonight!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a very fun but very busy weekend. Saturday started off with a little Greekfest action! Whitney and Brad, and Niki and Tyler came over and we hung out for a little while before heading over there. Mia came too since she was in town for the shower! Oh my word. The food was just so good!

Addi's grandpa, Lila and all the kids were there too so she had so much fun. After we ate, Mia and I headed back to the house to get started on food for the shower. We made macaroni and cheese, a lemon cheesecake cheeseball, Jeanette brought potato salad, shrimp salad and we also had baked beans. And that was just sides! They guys outdid themselves with the meat. We had brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and smoked chicken. SOOO delicious! Oh and Janelle made the cupcake toppers! They were perfect!

I saw this idea online so I made Josh, Evan and Mia do a couple of these for the back deck. I'm not sure anyone actually saw them since we weren't outside any. But, they were really cute!

Addi was obsessed with the cupcakes! She was fussing so bad in her high chair and I asked her what she wanted and she said clear as day, "cupcake!" We laughed so hard because it was the most clear word we've ever heard her say. She loved it!

Carson and Nichole got a lot of great presents! All the hostesses and hosts chipped in to get them a grill. They loved it!

Sunday, we all slept in. It was such a rainy and gloomy morning! Josh and Addi went to Searcy that afternoon so I could work. I have been kind of behind on orders this week since I've been getting ready for the shower, so I got a lot done today. And Addi had a blast with Josh's family.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Why you shouldn't take 4 toddlers out to lunch...

Hey everyone! It is so rainy and yuck here right now. Perfect nap weather. Today, we were supposed to go to Greek fest with our playgroup. It's a festival once a year that features the best Greek food. It rained about the time we were going to be there, and we didn't feel like walking a ways, and especially me since I forgot my stroller. We hung out at Michelle's house for a bit discussing a game plan. In the meantime, Addi and Rylan tried to figure out how to ride a tricycle. Cuteness!

We decided to go eat Larry's Pizza. I've only been one other time and I was really excited because I have heard everyone talk about how good it was. I had high hopes for Addi because she had slept till 10:30 and she has been loving pizza lately! Oh boy was I wrong. When we got there Addi sat for maybe three minutes in her high chair and would cry everytime I offered her a bite of pizza. She then stood up and did a trust fall on to me and screamed when I wouldn't let her down. OH. MY. WORD. I tried several times to entice her with dessert pizza, crackers, cinnamon cherrios. Nothing worked, she literally just screamed because I wouldn't let her out of the high chair. I was absolutely mortified. I decided to let her go to the little game room that was nearby. I had an eye on her from the table, but decided to go in since there was another little boy in there. He was probably 7 or 8. He yelled at Addi for getting too close to him and his tickets. Cue me glaring at him and momma bear rage building up.I brought her back to the table and thought she might like to play Peek a Boo barn. Umm no. Again, screaming and arching the back. I yanked her up and we went to the bathroom and we had a come to Jesus talk. By the time we came out, the other kids were done eating and the mean little boy had left so we sat and I finally ate my pizza. Literally two minutes later, we see Rylan up in the skee ball game! Like IN the part where you throw the balls into! Addi and Harper had climbed up the ramp and were probably plotting to get in there too! Good gracious!!! We decided they could no longer be unchaperoned so we stayed in there with them. I'm sure everyone in there was SO happy for us to leave. Times like that make me so stressed out, but I know that one day we will miss that craziness. :)

We splashed in some puddles once we got home. Addi did not make a peep when I laid her down, so I'm chalking up her awful behavior to being tired. Ha!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Things

This week has been a busy one. We are hosting a BBQ couples shower at our house on Saturday and I've been purging and organizing the house to get ready for it. I have thrown away so much "junk" it's just insane. I feel like I'm on an episode of Hoarders. Like for some reason I've been keeping my size 2 jeans from high school. I gave up that dream of ever fitting into them again. Even if I reach my weight from back then, they still wouldn't fit, because I have womanly birthing hips now. And to tell you the truth,I'm very proud of them. My labor was short and sweet and I can partially thank those hips. I digress, so we've been cleaning and organizing, but Tuesday we went with our playgroup to the WonderPlace!

That night I had a strong craving for Chicken Spaghetti. Last time I made it, Josh and Kyle both agreed I needed to make it a little hotter. So, I added a whole can of the hot rotel with habaneros. Oh my gracious sakes alive. It was SO hot I couldn't even eat it. I was so sad, because it looked just like normal chicken spaghetti, but it was a fiery imposter. They said I needed to go back to the other recipe. Haha!

This is just a random assortment of things that have happened over the week, so bear with me if it's not coherent. Last Saturday, I was getting my hair done in Searcy and this lady sat down in the chair next to me and was like, "Hi! How are y'all" to me and Jeanette. We said "Hi, fine how are you." Then she goes, "Oh! I know you, well I don't really know you, but I read your blog!" I nearly died. We started laughing, I was 75% embarrassed, 98% surprised and 1.245% giddy. Those percentages don't add up by the way. That just made my day and Jeanette joked that I was a celebrity. I couldn't wait to tell Josh, because he jokes all the time about my blog friends and blog world.

I am getting feathers in my hair tomorrow! Jeanette has really worked hard on my hair this week. Saturday was full highlights and I'm a a few shades lighter, today was a Brazilian blowout and tomorrow is feathers. I am so glad to have such a talented mother in law who does my hair! These are the colors I'm getting, but probably just one or two.

Greekfest is this weekend! A couple of us twitter girls are meeting up on Saturday! I'm so excited to meet Whitney, and see Leah and Niki again!

I am down 5 lbs as of yesterday! I downloaded this app called myfitnesspal after Jill tweeted about it. It's so cool because you can add friends and I think it keeps you more accountable that way, at least for me. But, if you want to add me I'm adeichhorn. I have also been doing P90x for the past week. Plyo might kill me. I can only go for 30 minutes before my heart feels like it's going to explode. Josh barely breaks a sweat and it makes me so mad. :)

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Hope y'all had a great day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Weekend!

Friday started out with a playdate with Twitter friends, Leah and Niki! Leah has Ryanne, and we thought it was about time her and Addi meet! We had fun and the girl's were so sweet.

Addi and I headed to Searcy on Friday night to see Rhen before she left for the summer. Scott got Addi this little battery powered 4wheeler and it took some warming up to, but now she LOVES it!!!

Scott made one of our favorite meals, Western Stir Fry. It is basically a grilled filet with sauteed peppers and onions. You put that on top of penne pasta and then sprinkle with some shredded parmesan. Very simple but very good.

Addi enjoyed a biscuit and strawberries with homemade whipped cream.

After dinner, Addi had a blast in Allie's kennel. She would open the door and say "Hey!" then close it and say "Bye!" So silly!

Saturday, Jeanette did my hair and Addi had a fun time with her Grandpa! He took her to Chickfila and then to Lowe's. They had a great time.

Saturday night, I baked some treats for our church's bake sale! I made Pioneer Woman's oatmeal crispies and strawberry shortcake cupcakes. Basically just white cake mix for the cupcake, but the icing was my special buttercream with a strawberry puree.

This morning, I made Addi's favorite breakfast, sausage balls. She LOVES these things! After church, Nichole and I went to McAlister's for lunch. Josh and Carson were at a going away golfing party for one of our friends. Addi was crazy during lunch and I'm pretty sure Nichole is going to wait on kids for awhile. :)

During Addi's nap I started the preliminary planning stages for her 2nd birthday. I am 99% sure it will be Elmo themed since she is obsessed with Elmo right now. My inspiration for the outfit is just over the top with lots of ruffles. I found a couple of outfits I like and I'm picking different parts of those and Fran and I are going to make something unique and fabulous. I'm very excited!

When she woke up, we colored since that is her favorite thing right now. At some point, she grabbed the bag of sausage balls that I had on the counter and just started munching them. Dixie is definitely her best friend when she has food!

Tonight, we were playing outside, and I was raking and I heard something on the deck. I looked up and Addi had crawled through the doggy door! I nearly died laughing and then got my camera and documented her attempt to come back through.

She finally got back out after trying every which way to come out! Hilarious!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!

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