Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone!!!! I hope you all had a great and safe holiday! We had our playgroup Halloween party today at the house and a fun time was had by all. Addi dressed up as Snow White. She originally was going to be a bumblebee, but I saw the Snow White costume last week at the Disney Store in Memphis and loved it. :)

All of the kids were dressed up SO cute!
Little Brilie!
Special birthday girl, Lily!
Kinley and Dixie! Haha look at Dixie's face!
We were having so much fun just sitting and talking that we didn't realize it was pretty late. WAYYY past nap times, so we were laughing so hard when Rylan came out in this get up. SO funny!
Sweet precious Miles made an appearance too.

Of course, we had delicious food!

Once Addi had a good nap and we ate dinner, we headed out to Trick or Treat! Let me say my thoughts on this, because I know some people don't like this. I would NEVER EVER under any circumstances let my child go by themselves. It is a creepy sort of idea, going up to random strangers and asking for candy, but it's what we did as kids and it was SO much fun. I think if you are safe and responsible about it, it can be a fun time. Anyways, so here are some pictures from our night! :)

This picture cracks me up! Noah's dad had on the CREEPIEST mask and that is a grade A photo bomb right there.
Addi LOVED trick or treating! She ate about 4 suckers while we were out.
Ugh, terrible picture of me, but I couldn't keep my eyes open with the flash! Haha! Addi looks presh though!

My BFF, Treece! We both couldn't keep our eyes open.

I hope you all had a great Halloween! I can't believe it's already November!!! This season is just flying by! I guess I should get to bed, but I watched this stupid show that had the 13 scariest movie clips ever. Mistake!!! I turned it off after two, but I keep thinking about it and freaking myself out!!! When will I learn?? :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

The past few days...

I've been a horrible blogger this week!!! This is my "busy season" so there hasn't been much time left in the day to sit down and blog.

On Thursday, Addi and I went with our playgroup to Larry's Pizza for lunch. We BOTH love Larry's and had a blast. It was chilly and rainy and oddly enough, I just love days like that! After her nap, Addi and I went to Michelle's to see baby Miles!!!! Oh. MY. WORD. Talk about the most precious thing ever!!!! I got to hold him for awhile and he is just so perfect! No cries, just little squirms and cute baby noises. Ahhh!!! So sweet and I could just sit there and hold him for hours.

Addi was too interested in Lily's cool toys that she wasn't that interested in the baby. But, she did come over and pat him and try to rock his little nap nanny. :)

That night, we went to the House to celebrate Nandini's birthday!!!!

Lucia!!! Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?!!?

Addi stayed in Brent's lap most of the night. She is usually TERRIFIED of him, so we all thought this was hilarious!!!

I'm slowly, but surely getting Christmas things put out! I'm especially excited about this one, because it can be worn this winter also!

Addi did SUCH a good job modeling for me today!!! Love that girl! :)

I'm going to try and make this a productive weekend!!! Hope y'all have a good one!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Date with Addi!

Today, Addi and I went on a little day date. I love spending time with this girl and I try to take her to her favorite spots when were out.

Our first place was Chick Fil A for some lunch! I was surprised that Addi actually spent more time sitting with me and eating than playing. She usually plays the whole time, so it was really nice to just sit and eat and chat. :)

We did some shopping after that. Again, Addi was in the best mood and was just so happy and smiley. Except for this picture. I really need some new tricks to get her to smile for pictures! Haha!

I felt like Addi and I needed a special treat after shopping, so we went to Orange Leaf! It was really warm today so it was warranted. :)

Such a fun day with my little princess!!! Hope y'all had a great day!

Oh!!! And I just want to say a BIG thank you to Monogram Replay on Facebook and Kelly for giving me a shoutout! Thank you girls!!!! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch!

I feel like everyone I know has already been to the pumpkin patch, and today was finally our time to go! :) It was so chilly, but it actually felt like fall and it was just wonderful. I started off my morning with a caramel apple spice from starbucks and it just made it extra special. :)

Sweet Lily. I got the privileged of taking her to the patch, while her Momma birthed a baby! Yes, Michelle had Miles and he is just absolutely perfect and the most precious thing ever. I will let her share more obviously! :) But, Lily was so sweet and just so fun to have. Thank you Michelle for letting me take her!
I've been waiting for Addi to wear this dress for awhile now! Haha!

There was a bounce house. And once Addi saw it, there was no distracted her or bribing her to not go play. She also was throwing the biggest fit known to man, SO....we jumped for a little bit. :) The people running the bounce house told me they knew we would be back. Haha! This was not a battle worth fighting.

Next up was pig races!!! Addi LOVED this!
After the races, you could go and "chase" the pigs if you wanted! Of course, I knew Addi would love this.
She would run up to them and then just stop. She didn't know what to do once she actually got in range of a pig.

This sweet man helped Addi and tried to get her to hold a pig, but she just wanted to pet it. Haha!
Lily's turn!

Checking out the ducks I think?
Having a snack on the hay ride.
Picking pumpkins!
Lily chose a special pumpkin that she could show Miles. SO sweet. :)

Yay for pumpkin patches! Hope y'all had a great day!

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