Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Update

We've had a nice little week around here. Monday morning, well most mornings, I put Addi in bed with me and we eat breakfast and watch a show. She likes to wake up slow just like me! :)
             She is so full of personality these days. I forget what she was talking about, but it was cracking both of us up.                             

 We met up with Treece and Eliza later on for a little lunch date!
 She was talking about storm clouds coming. 

 Since we were right by Cupcakes on Kavanaugh, we went in for a little treat!
Next up was a group trip to Kroger. Addi and her bear, "shiver". She renamed snowflake. Haha!
Working on writing her name later.  
 Pretty good!!!!
                                         A little movie and oreo date in bed later. 

We had to run to Target real quick before the storms started and Addi looked so cute. I looked like a hobo. :)
 New cherry chocolate sweetheart shake from Sonic. Go get one. So good.

 I went to a local consignment sale later that week and got some pretty good deals! These were all $10 or less. 
 At home date night!
Gymnastics time!

 Sam's trip. We stocked up!

Hope y'all have had a great week!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Recap

This past Thursday, Addi and I went to Searcy! Jeanette did my hair and we also pieced out Addi's quilt. Papa and Lila were so nice to keep Addi that night so we could have a date night. She loves going there!
 A little Sushi Cafe action.
These came in the mail. I'm obsessed with the matching seersucker! All they need is a cute monogram now.
 I also couldn't resist getting this sleeper while I was in Searcy. It's the brand Kick Kee Pants(?) and it is the softest little sleeper ever! 
 Friday we got our new king bed in! We figured with another baby coming we needed the extra room since Addi still sleeps with us sometimes and both dogs. Haha!
Addi approved. ;)
 Addi woke up super early Saturday. Like 7:30. She requested donuts for breakfast and we all stayed in bed for awhile watching cartoons and being lazy. :)
 That afternoon when we finally got up and around, I took Addi to Build a Bear. Rhen and Michael had gotten her a bear for Christmas so we went and got it stuffed and picked out a few outfits for it. 
 She named her bear, "Snowflake."
 Giving Snowflake a bath. Build a Bear was super crazy but it was fun!
 We also went to lunch at Chick fil A and got some new makeup while we were at the mall.

 After the mall, we went and got our toes done. I've been needing this done for quite awhile and Addi was SO good. She asked the pedicurist about a million questions and he was a good sport about answering all of them. 
 Entertaining herself with silly faces. :)

 Giving Snowflake some love. 
 When we got back home, I realized Addi had been up since 7:30. No nap. Poor girl was TIRED. We had friends over for dinner and Addi wasn't acting very nice to them. I laid her in my bed after a quick dinner and turned on a movie for her. She fell asleep at 8! I was a little hesitant to let her fall asleep that early, but had no choice really! Poor girl slept all the way till 8:30 the next morning. 
 For dinner we had Mongolian BBQ. Oh my word it was delicious. We grilled our own meat and wrapped them up in lettuce and different sauces and toppings. SO GOOD.
 32 weeks today! I love that Addi is doing a belly pic too. Haha!
 Out of order, but Addi and Lucia playing before Addi went to sleep. Sweet girls.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Etsy Favs!

Well, we are in the last few months before Rhett gets here. So exciting!!! I've had baby on the brain for the last week or so, trying to think of everything we need. Thankfully, we've got all of our big things already. I'm thanking Josh for making me register for gender neutral items when we had Addi. Haha! And we've also gotten a few hand me downs from some great friends too, like a Rock N' Play and a Bumbo. The nursery is coming along great as well. Josh's grandmother is making the crib bedding and I can't wait to see the room completed. Here are some of my favorite etsy finds as of late.

One thing I'm still searching for is a diaper bag. I guess I *could* use mine that I used with Addi, but isn't this fun?? It's from this shop. 

This is option number two. I really like this one, except for the price tag. SHEESH. 
This is adorable and would be perfect for the hospital door.
 Since Rhett's room is kind of a giraffe themed room, I ordered custom prints from this shop. I'm in love with what she came up with. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to hang them!
 And here is where I ask a question! Has anyone ever worn one of these while delivering? Will the hospital let you? I think it would be cute because you take so many pictures after and might as well have on a cute gown. Help a sista out! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend in Dallas

This past weekend, we packed up and hit the road for a little trip to Dallas! I've been wanting to take one last little vacation before Rhett gets here, and Dallas is close enough to where it's not too hard to get there and back with a little one and a pregnant one. ;) 

We stopped in Texarkana on the way down there to see Mur and Granddad and let Addi get some of her energy out on the playground. And some ice cream. 
 Addi got some beatz headphones for Christmas, so on the way down there she watched her movies and we got to listen to the radio or talk without Little Mermaid in the background. 
 We got to Denton in time for dinner, and we met up with Lynda and Mason and their kids for dinner at this steakhouse that also had a cool barn dance going on inside. Of course, Addi LOVES any opportunity to dance, so this was great. 

 Sweet family picture. Haha!
 They also had a cool slide thing that the kids could go down. It was super fast!

 Daddy/daughter dance time.
 When we got back to their house, the kids put on every Disney character costume you could think of. Addi found this Captain Hook outfit and her night was made. She's been a little obsessed with him for the last few weeks. :)
 Just some Hulk and Ariel soccer.
 This was a new one for Addi! And she watched Aladdin for the first time this weekend too! Loves it.
 Saturday, we went and watched Kaylie play her basketball game! 
 She scored a goal and we were all so proud! Addi got a little hoop action too.
 After a quick lunch, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was kinda half zoo, half aquarium which was really neat. It was a really open floor plan and you winded down to different levels to see the animals and fish. 
 These giant catfish were just hovering and staring. It was freaky.
 Oh this was the sweetest manatee. He (or she?) started swimming right towards where all the kids were.
 And just smushed right up against the glass. Big ole sea cow.
 This jaguar was stunning.
 Eeek!!! The sharks! The sharks are in this tunnel like place and you can sit and watch them swim over and around. The creepy thing was, your back was to just dark water and so you couldn't see them coming until they were right there. My blood pressure definitley went up. 
 They had a small hammerhead too!
 We watched the sharks feed, which was really cool, then we went on a little carriage ride downtown.
 Nice family picture. :)
 This is how Addi poses when she's pretending to be a princess. It's the sweetest.
 We ate Mexican for dinner, then came back and the cousins played. 
 We went to Babe's after church Sunday. Oh my word. Best fried chicken ever.
A quick stop in Texarkana on the way back!
 And we were home! It was a great trip and we all had a lot of fun. :)

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