Friday, December 31, 2010

Goals for 2011 and NYE Recap

So last year, my goals were (these were taken from last January's post):

1. Get in shape (I make this one every year, but last year it didn't count because I was pregnant.)
2. Be more crafty. I really want to start making things and doing crafts and stuff like that. I have a short attention span and a really quick temper, so this may not last very long.
3. Volunteer!
4. Try new things in regard to food. I'm a wuss when it comes to different foods and I tried tuna sashimi the other day and it was amazing, so I'm going to see what else I'm missing out on.

Ummm so...everything worked out except for the STAYING in shape part! Haha!

Here are my goals for 2011:

1. I would like to become more involved in our church and Bible studies.
2. I would like to start "teaching" Addi more. My goal is to set aside little times during the day where we learn things. I obviously try to do this already, but I would like to be a little more diligent.
3. I would like to read Addi a Bible story every day.
4. Learn to say no more. I am feeling a little too stretched right now with obligations and I need to learn how to say no to people. This is hilarious to me, because it's almost the opposite of the volunteer goal last year. It's hard for a Hufflepuff. :)
5. TRY to be more of a Proverbs 31 woman. I think Josh would be most excited about this one. I just really need to practice being patient and gentle when I get mad.
6. I would really like start my own business! Josh got me a monogram machine and sewing machine for Christmas (I know!!!! My head almost exploded!) So be on the lookout for some new designs coming up! :)
7. Try and make Addi a healthy eater. This might be the hardest one!
8. Okay, I'm just going to say it. Get in shape. Haha!

Last night, we had a great party with some of our friends, and my dad and brother. By the way, my Mimi fell a couple days ago and broke her hip. She is doing fine now, but they moved her to an assisted living home yesterday, so if y'all could just remember her in your prayers. :) Anyways, so that's why my dad was here, so he could help my uncle with some stuff and get Mimi moved. We had fondue, which was AMAZING. And then Josh made crepes for dessert. So good!!! For some reason, and this always happens, there is a guys table and a girl's table. Are we in 5th grade? Yes. But, after dessert, the guys holed up in the game room to play with Josh's new Playstation Move and us girls sat around the table talking. It was wonderful. Here are some pictures.

Oh and it was a combined effort on many parts to teach Addi this face, then to teach her to make the face when we say, "make the face!" Cracks me up EVERYTIME!!!

I hope y'all had a great year, and an even better 2011!!!

Christmas 2010

It's normal to do a recap Christmas post on New Year's Eve right? :) I'll do a post tomorrow about my goals for 2011!

So Christmas...let's see. So we got back from Disney the day before Christmas Eve. We had actually forgotten a couple of people on our list, so as soon as we got home, I put Addi to bed and Josh went to Target. Haha! We stayed up late that night despite being exhausted to wrap and do laundry before we had to leave again. On Christmas Eve day, we went to Josh's mom's house for brunch! She always does breakfast for her Christmas meal and I think it's something we all look forward to!

Addi was obsessed with this turtle tank. We told her not to be a "Darla" and tap on the tank. :)

After we ate, we opened presents!!!

After we opened there, we headed to see my Mimi and Uncle Dennis! We picked Adam up on the way!

And then we went to Josh's grandma's house to do presents over there! I'm telling you, we are busy little bees around Christmas!

We drove back to Little Rock that night so we could do Christmas morning at our house! I was so excited to do this and I think this will be our tradition from now on. Josh made crepes for breakfast too and they were delicious!!! Oh and me and Josh had already exchanged gifts before we left for Disney, so just Addi opened. We have decided to only get her three gifts each year. So, Addi got a box of Sesame street board books, a backpack for MDO, and a new chair! I got the idea from Tamra, and I think it's wonderful. Seriously, Addi got a mountain of stuff and I may have to enforce at the other houses too that she only get three gifts! Haha yeah right!

We headed to Texarkana that afternoon. It is so nice spending time with family!

I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Disney: Day 5 (Epcot)

We went to Epcot on Wednesday and it was a blast! Second to Harry Potter World, Epcot was my favorite! Addi was rearing to go and had her Disney outfit on!

Addi decided that Michael was her favorite person on the trip, so he got to hold her for most of the day. It was very sweet!

We had lunch reservations in Italy, so we made our way back there and killed some time in front of this fountain. We have been fortunate enough to have traveled to the real Italy and this was surprisingly pretty similar! The food was very authentic and so were some of the buildings (minus being hundreds of years old.)

Our lunch was incredible and I'm so sad I didn't take any pictures! We shared a aged salami and provolone starter plate that was to die for! We also got a quattro formaggio pizza, and a pasta dish to share. It made me want to go back to Italy! After lunch, me and Rhen grabbed some cappuccinos!

We walked to Morocco after that and hilarity ensued once Michael knocked over a mannequin while we were all wearing fez hats.

Photo op on the fluffy pillows!

We stopped in France for a bit. Addi HATED this beret. :(

Guess who we saw coming out of the France shop..........

SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got WAYY to excited when I saw her pink dress and may have screamed at everyone to follow that princess!!! I was so excited, because I really wanted Addi to meet at least one princess while we were in Disney! We were probably fourth in line, but judging by the excitement on my face, you would have thought we were actually getting to live in Cinderella's castle for a year.

And then the moment first Addi wanted her to actually hold her, but legally she can't, so we sat her beside the princess. This first picture isn't that great,because Addi's eyes are kinda half open. The Disney photographer took a lot so I am in the process of getting some of what he took.

These next pictures are the sweetest. Sleeping Beauty was speaking so softly and sweetly to Addi about how she knows she will be a princess one day and to dream as big as she wants. Addi is looking at her so intently. Just melts my heart!!!

Then, she gave Addi a kiss. Oh my word. We left the lipstick print on her little cheek for the rest of the night. It was so cute!

And as luck would have it...guess who we saw next?


I have to be honest, I've never watched Mary Poppins. Addi loved her too just the same though. Not as much as Sleeping Beauty of course, but I think she liked the funny phrases she was saying.

Since we were in England, we had to do the photo in the phone booth.

We took Addi to the Seas after we got through all the countries. It was all about Nemo so we thought Addi would LOVE it.

We did this little ride that you ride in clams and you go through and it's a bunch of screens with Nemo and friends. Addi was pretty engrossed, so we went through twice!

This was Addi's souvenir from Disney, the GIANT Nemo!

Really cool aquarium place that had shark facts on the wall!

We all met up for dinner in Germany afterwards! It was really good and there was even a show!

We made it out in time to watch the huge fireworks show over Epcot. It was so cool, but Addi wasn't a big fan! She doesn't like loud noises so for the first half she got on Michael's shoulders which she was excited about, but then she was over it!

And then, the sweetest thing happened...on the walk to the bus, Addi fell asleep on Michael's shoulder!!! We all could have died from the sweetness of it!

She slept from the bus to the hotel and he even successfully transferred her to the pack and play. That has never happened! She usually wakes up when she feels us laying her down. Haha! She must have been very worn out!

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