Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Weekend at the Lake/My 30th Bday!

We kinda already celebrated my birthday last weekend, but my actual bday was Friday. We ate mexican for lunch, and spent time at the lake! We even had a delicious Italian cream cake. It was so good.
Trying to get pics, but rhett was over it! Lol!
Love these little babies!
We spent all of Saturday on the lake with the Thompsons having a blast.

Treece gave us all these adorable necklaces. 
Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated josh and Scott by surprising him at the airport! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hello Old Friend

I haven't blogged in literal years now and the thought of catching up keeps me up at night, so here's what we did last weekend! Trying to do better about keeping this updated!! 

Rhett played on the new deck. It's been nice going out there and not being fearful of loose boards. Haha.
He kept grabbing Addi's purses and telling us "bye!!" 😂
One of rhetts favorite things is to line up his cars on Addi's bed. I think it relaxes him.
Friday night, Landon and Cassie brought chuys and we feasted on this amazing chocolate cake!!
Addi loved it too.
Saturday was filled with vbs fun!
Saturday night was my birthday party!

Amazing food from southern gourmasian!
Sunday we slept in then ate lunch, saw Jurassic world, ate at local lime then watched the thrones finale. Pretty perfect weekend if you ask me!!

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