Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A fun day!

Yesterday was just such a good day! Coming from the weekend from hades, I'd say I needed it! ;)

Addi was in searcy so it was just me and Rhett. I forgot how easy it is with just one kid. I cleaned the house then we went and picked up Treece and Eliza for some fun. Our first stop was tazikis for some lunch, then Walmart. And yes, we were all in the van again! Hahaha.

After I dropped them off, I went to Starbucks and my regular barista noticed I upgraded to a minivan! I told him it was time since we just had another baby, and he gave me a free drink card as a nice little congratulations! Sweet!!!

That evening, Jeanette and the kids watched Rhett and addi while josh and I went to his graduate school reception. It was at the Clinton library and it was really fun to put on something other than a nursing tank and yoga pants! :) we had a blast and went to boscos for dinner after. Momma needed a night out! :)

Hope yall had a great day!

Last Week

Last week was such a doozy!!!! Whew, glad it's over and behind us. :)

On Monday, we went to the zoo for Mia's birthday! So much fun. We got sno cones and addi talked all about them for the next few days.

Tuesday, we picked up our new van!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! It's a Honda odyssey and I am in love with it. It's so perfect for us. Haha!

Rhett had his nutrition study on Wednesday and that little lamb has out on some weight! Yay rhetters! Treece watched addi for me, and afterwards we loaded all the kids in the van, ran through Starbucks and drove around for an hour while they ALL napped. It was bliss. And just like high school. ;)

Thursday, josh left early that morning to go to Chicago for a conference. Through a series of miscommunications and plans changing, I was alone with both kids for a majority of the weekend. One night, Rhett and addi took turns waking up every hour. I was so exhausted, mentally and physically that I spent a good chunk of that weekend trying not to have a complete nervous breakdown. It was rough. Thankfully, josh got back home safe and sound late Sunday and took all of Rhett's feedings. Woohoo! I felt like a new woman again. :)

Hope y'all had a great week!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Our first night home

We got to go home after 24 hours. I never get any rest in the hospital because someone is always coming in and you can't get comfy. So I was pretty excited to be going home! I was still so tired from being up for so long and just my own bed.

Skipper and Mur were at the house waiting for us and had cooked a delicious dinner. We had Josh's dad and grandparents come that night too. Rhen and Michael were there too so it was fun having a full house.

Rhett had a pretty good first night! He woke every two hours to eat but went back to sleep right after so that was nice. :) addi loves having her baby brother here and is always wanting to feed him. She's such a good helper with him.

I'm loving having two sweet babies. Ill be honest, I'm 100% completely exhausted but in the best way possible. My heart is so full and I'm so thankful for my blessings!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter 2013

We had wonderful first Easter as a family of four. Rhett's due date was actually Easter Sunday so I'm glad he was here! Josh's family has a tradition of doing Easter baskets for each other, but they hide them. They are very clever in hiding theirs and one Easter it was late summer before Josh's dad found his. Haha! Josh took it easy on Addi this year. :) We told her it was somewhere in Rhett's room. She checked the crib first. 
 Then the changing table.
 It was in the laundry basket!
 So excited!!! She had some crafts, a coloring book, glowsticks, fruit snacks, goldfish and a monogrammed tumbler. 

 Rhett had a basket too! 
 Family picture before church. I am proud to say that we were only 5 minutes late. I think that's pretty good considering we have a one week old! :) We got to introduce Rhett to our whole church too. 
 After church we went to Josh's grandmas house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.
 Addi had SO much fun finding eggs!

 Lila and Rhett.

 We got to see Hadley and Janelle and Andrew too!!
 Crack me up.
 Time for a cold pop.

It was a beautiful Easter!!

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