Friday, April 26, 2013

Our first night home

We got to go home after 24 hours. I never get any rest in the hospital because someone is always coming in and you can't get comfy. So I was pretty excited to be going home! I was still so tired from being up for so long and just my own bed.

Skipper and Mur were at the house waiting for us and had cooked a delicious dinner. We had Josh's dad and grandparents come that night too. Rhen and Michael were there too so it was fun having a full house.

Rhett had a pretty good first night! He woke every two hours to eat but went back to sleep right after so that was nice. :) addi loves having her baby brother here and is always wanting to feed him. She's such a good helper with him.

I'm loving having two sweet babies. Ill be honest, I'm 100% completely exhausted but in the best way possible. My heart is so full and I'm so thankful for my blessings!

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  1. That picture of our husband and the baby cracks me up!! I am so happy you are adjusting!! It is hard being a mommy to two but so worth it:) Now pray for me as I take on a third:)


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