Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hey November

I left off on Halloween, and it's almost Thanksgiving. I feel like I've blinked! Ah! 

On November 1st, we broke out the Thanksgiving clothes and crafts. 
 I also decided we needed some really good comfort food, so we invited some friends over and pigged out. I made these rolls, halved the recipe and there was enough left to make a pan of cinnamon rolls. WINNING. 
 Addi got in some good practice at being a big sister. 
 That is until she got jealous of Eliza and wanted to be in the swing too. :)
 We saw the batmobile!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Our football season has stunk big time, but we've had fun on game days nevertheless. We went over to Chad and Alisha's for a fun cookout. 
 19 weeks!
 I finished all my Christmas Pj's!!
 We went back to the doctor for our big ultrasound. 
 He's still a boy and just as perfect as could be! 
 Josh surprised me with an early anniversary present! I love it!
 Addi had a check up too! She's just as perfect as ever. 
 Photo bombed by Dixie. 
 Dixie has really warmed up to addi lately. She will lay on her when we are in bed, or just sitting. 
 This girl just got a shock collar and it's been the best thing ever. We've only had to shock her a few times, but it really works.
 She loves all dogs. 
 We had a fun playdate with Treece and Eliza last week. We went to Hunkapie for lunch. DELICIOUS fried pickles, burgers, onion rings and of course, pie. So good. 
 Then we saw Wreck it Ralph! 
 Addi wanted to hold Eliza for 15 seconds. 
We took the girls to the park afterwards, but it got dark so fast so we only played for a little bit.  

 When we got home, Addi grabbed a tube of wrapping paper and chased the dogs around the house, calling them "cybugs" and shooting them like the movie. She hid behind this door just waiting for Josh to get home. 
 Scared him! haha! She is so funny.
 We celebrated Diwali that night with friends. 

 Addi had her Thanksgiving party at school. She was so tired this morning and not in the greatest mood. :)
                                      We had ourselves a good pajama day on Thursday.
 I never was a huge fan of Matilda Jane, but now I am. I really like the past three collections that have come out. 
 Friday night/early Saturday morning, I got to be present for the birth of sweet Gracynn. I will blog about this later, but such an amazing experience. I'm so grateful and humbled to have been apart of it. 
And there. Caught up on November just in time for Thanksgiving. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Yesterday, we went to a fun Halloween playdate at Michelle's house! 

The food was so cute and festive! 

 Hollie always makes the cutest and most creative costumes. This Starbucks drink was so awesome!
 And Hadley was a red solo cup. This girl cracks me up!
 The Hulk and a Starbucks drink playing at a train table. Not an often sight. 

 Addi wanted to be Rapunzel that day for the Halloween party. 
 She surprised us though when she said she wanted to be Spiderman that night! We went and ate at Bravo with Papa, Lila and Ashton, then headed to our church for the fall festival. It was so much fun! They had little craft stations set up in each of the classrooms. This was the pumpkin frame room. 
 This was the face painting and temporary tattoo room. 
 They had fun games set up too!
 Addi was just in awe of Jeanette the whole night. It was so cute. 

 Family Picture!

 Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. 
 Next up was Trick or Treating! 
 We were in a nice neighborhood in LR and while walking around, Jeanette and I saw this little girl who couldn't have been much more than 4, all by herself just bawling. We went over to her and she said she couldn't find her mom. Once she saw who Jeanette was dressed up as, she stopped crying. It was so cute. We walked up the street until we found her mom, who was on a hayride, and didn't know she was missing. It was so sad and scary. The little girl said, Snow White saved me! Glad that story had a good ending. It really freaks me out to think what could have happened. 

 Looking at all her candy after we got home! 
 She did good! 

 This picture makes me laugh. :)
Hope y'all had a great Halloween!

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