Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Yesterday, we went to a fun Halloween playdate at Michelle's house! 

The food was so cute and festive! 

 Hollie always makes the cutest and most creative costumes. This Starbucks drink was so awesome!
 And Hadley was a red solo cup. This girl cracks me up!
 The Hulk and a Starbucks drink playing at a train table. Not an often sight. 

 Addi wanted to be Rapunzel that day for the Halloween party. 
 She surprised us though when she said she wanted to be Spiderman that night! We went and ate at Bravo with Papa, Lila and Ashton, then headed to our church for the fall festival. It was so much fun! They had little craft stations set up in each of the classrooms. This was the pumpkin frame room. 
 This was the face painting and temporary tattoo room. 
 They had fun games set up too!
 Addi was just in awe of Jeanette the whole night. It was so cute. 

 Family Picture!

 Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. 
 Next up was Trick or Treating! 
 We were in a nice neighborhood in LR and while walking around, Jeanette and I saw this little girl who couldn't have been much more than 4, all by herself just bawling. We went over to her and she said she couldn't find her mom. Once she saw who Jeanette was dressed up as, she stopped crying. It was so cute. We walked up the street until we found her mom, who was on a hayride, and didn't know she was missing. It was so sad and scary. The little girl said, Snow White saved me! Glad that story had a good ending. It really freaks me out to think what could have happened. 

 Looking at all her candy after we got home! 
 She did good! 

 This picture makes me laugh. :)
Hope y'all had a great Halloween!


  1. i am loving that spiderman is wearing a big 'ol bow ;)

  2. What adorable treats you guys had at your playdate!! Man, someone did an awesome job! I also love that spiderman has a big bow on! :) So cute! Your family photo is precious and totally one to frame for future Halloweens!

  3. This party looks like a blast!


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