Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snapshots of Our Week

I haven't used by big camera in awhile, so these are all iphone pictures. We are finally getting into a summer groove. Things are slowing down and I like that! This week has been a scorcher though! I know everyone has been saying that, but seriously, it's so dang hot. 
Strawberry shortcake is a good cure for that. :)
We love Shipley's. 
We went to the theater to beat the heat and see Brave! It's a little scary at times, so be prepared. 
Lots of cookies. 
Sweet angel baby sleepy faces. 
Thought she heard a schoolbus! Haha!
Then she got to touch one after school on Wednesday. 
Fun with Ashton!
I love sleeping Addi pictures. 
Jeanette came and did my hair Thursday. Gotta love being able to do that at home!
Addi was rocking a sweet side ponytail.
And poor poor Dixie. Josh tried to just give her a trim and she flinched and he ended up shaving her. She looks so pitiful!!! But, I'm sure it's much cooler now.
Squash chip fail. Darn Pinterest. ;)
We were trying to take a picture to send to my Dad. Haha!
Fun at Larry's on Friday!
Sweet Belle Belle hugs.
A girl's best friend!
We've had a lazy and low key weekend around here. Which has been very nice. Lots of cuddles and movie watchin. 
Even the dogs have been acting extra lazy. They had been in here for awhile before we found them. Apparently, they were ready for bed! 
Hope y'all have had a great weekend!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Catch Up!

Hi everyone! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! We kicked ours off by going to Jump Zone! A perennial favorite amongst the littles. Addi was in beast mode and kept crawling UP the slides faster than a ninja. Seriously, I watched her do that for 20 minutes straight and was amazed how fast she got up those things. 
Addi and her BFF Hadley.
Sliding down the correct way. :)
These girls are so funny!
Addi decided sliding and running up slides wasn't extreme enough, so she took it to the next level. Jumping off the blow up part on to the slide. This started a trend among the older kids who then started jumping from higher places and then it pretty much spiraled out of control. 
Addi had a blast though! 
On Saturday, I told Addi if she took a good nap, she would have a surprise waiting for her when she woke up. I had ordered a Brave set off of Amazon for her and couldn't wait to give it! 
She was so excited, even though she only knows who Merida is. But, we are going to see it tomorrow! 
Saturday night, we all got dolled up to go downtown for my birthday!
The Capital is always a fun place. 
With yummy food and drinks.
We went to Ciao Baci after for more drinks! Those aren't all mine. Although, the raspberry mojito was excellent! 
Mia got me these fabulous shoes that I love!!!!!
Today, we helped Treece get some last minute supplies before Eliza gets here. Addi was a wild woman the whole time we were there. :)
I was waiting on Treece to get out of a dressing room, and heard Addi talking to herself. She was just sitting in her chatting away. So cute. :)
Hope y'all had a good one!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brain Explosion

This post will just be a bunch of random things. It's all I got tonight!

  • Addi has us rolling constantly. Just tonight, she was "cooking" and I asked her what she was making and she said, "biscuits!" "No, ice cream biscuits." I've never heard of ice cream biscuits, but sign me up!
  • On the way home from Noah and Treece's, she asked to go by "Chik-a-lay". We told her it was closed and she had this monologue with herself that went like this, "Oh I'm sorry, we can't go to Chik-a-lay, the fries are at Hobby Lobby so just chicken, kay?"  
  • She's really into this show on PBS called Wild Kratts. It comes on in the late afternoon so it's meant for older kids, but she loves it. It's a very informative show about animals. 
  • This morning, Addi had Belle in a headlock saying over and over again, "Belle Belle you love me?" Yes, I'm sure she loves you. :) If she didn't, you would have been bitten a long time ago.
  • Coming home tonight, she saw a bug on the windshield and said, "Oh that's a bug. Just a second, that's Dixie." 
  • "Just a second" is her favorite phrase for when she doesn't want to share or do something. 
  • Tonight, Josh helped Noah put together Eliza's pack and play. It was so fun making a list with Treece for all those last minute things she needs. It made me nostalgic for when we were anxiously awaiting Addi's arrival, and how excited/nervous we were.
  • We are going out on the town to celebrate my birthday this weekend! I'm so excited. I also have a facial scheduled for Saturday afternoon! And Mia is coming to stay with us! It will be a great weekend. :)
  • I've been making so many whale and crab things lately for customers, along with Disney things, and I just have to say how envious I am! I want to go to the beach so bad! Or Disney! Haha! Next summer one of those things is happening! 
  • I've been making preliminary lists for Addi's birthday party and gameday outfits. Both involve lots of chevron. :)

Now for more serious things. One of the doctors I used to work for lost his daughter on Tuesday. She was 2. We have been praying for Lila Beth since she was diagnosed with MPS.  I am heartbroken for them. I can't even fathom losing something so precious. I hate that they are hurting so bad, and I wish Jesus would come back right now so they wouldn't have to hurt anymore. Would you please keep the Hughes family in your prayers? And give your babies an extra squeeze and kiss. 

Father's Day and My Birthday!

Sunday was Father's Day! I got up early and fixed a big breakfast for my guy.
We had cream cheese biscuits (that didn't rise), sausage balls, hashbrowns and cheese eggs! :)
At Mimi's for lunch. Addi was so wild. 
So wild, she didn't take a nap. Sorry Josh!!!
Love my little family so much. 
Monday night, we went to Searcy to hang out with our BFF's from Tulsa, Andrew and Janelle!
Addi was SUPER excited to see Hadley! 
They had a blast together. 
I told Josh the only thing I wanted for my birthday was a white cake from Community Bakery. 
SOO good!!! We had been swimming so pardon the bun and no makeup.
After dinner, we looked through some old pics. These glamour shots of Rhen made us laugh pretty hard.
This is Josh's sister Emma. Doesn't Addi look JUST like her??
I also found some old pics of Josh and I when we were 18 and were going to Little Rock to celebrate my birthday. 
And in Honduras.
Addi and Hadley watching Monsters Inc. with Emma.
Tuesday was my birthday!!! Addi and I stayed the night in Searcy so when we got back to LR, Josh took us out for lunch. 
After that, Addi and I went to get pedicures. She was hamming it up!
Cupcake time!!!
Apparently, this was the best cupcake of Addi's life!
We went and ate pizza that night with friends. 
Eliza's going to make her debut any day now! 
Matching toesies!
It was a wonderful birthday!!! 

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