Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day and My Birthday!

Sunday was Father's Day! I got up early and fixed a big breakfast for my guy.
We had cream cheese biscuits (that didn't rise), sausage balls, hashbrowns and cheese eggs! :)
At Mimi's for lunch. Addi was so wild. 
So wild, she didn't take a nap. Sorry Josh!!!
Love my little family so much. 
Monday night, we went to Searcy to hang out with our BFF's from Tulsa, Andrew and Janelle!
Addi was SUPER excited to see Hadley! 
They had a blast together. 
I told Josh the only thing I wanted for my birthday was a white cake from Community Bakery. 
SOO good!!! We had been swimming so pardon the bun and no makeup.
After dinner, we looked through some old pics. These glamour shots of Rhen made us laugh pretty hard.
This is Josh's sister Emma. Doesn't Addi look JUST like her??
I also found some old pics of Josh and I when we were 18 and were going to Little Rock to celebrate my birthday. 
And in Honduras.
Addi and Hadley watching Monsters Inc. with Emma.
Tuesday was my birthday!!! Addi and I stayed the night in Searcy so when we got back to LR, Josh took us out for lunch. 
After that, Addi and I went to get pedicures. She was hamming it up!
Cupcake time!!!
Apparently, this was the best cupcake of Addi's life!
We went and ate pizza that night with friends. 
Eliza's going to make her debut any day now! 
Matching toesies!
It was a wonderful birthday!!! 

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