Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last Week...

Hi everyone! Sheesh, I just cannot keep up with the blogging these days. I hope y'all are used to the hundred picture posts with incoherent captions. :)

Last week was a good one! Summer is settling in and I LOVE it. I'm not a huge summer person, but things are starting to slow down and I like that alot. We hit up Happy Hour one day last week and they accidentally gave Addi a route 44 ocean water instead of a small. She was so excited about it!
She also practiced her letters with some chalk and one of our walls. Can't be too mad, that's a pretty good A!
We are so sad to see Becky and her sweet family leave, so we had a family night out at Larry's Pizza to send them off. The kids had so much fun playing and I enjoyed getting to chat with everyone. :)
Addi and Hadley. Sweet friends. 
Addi also started back to school Wednesday! 

Just hanging out on the porch!

Granddad came and visited us on Friday!

We went to a Travelers baseball game that night. There was a bluegrass band outside the stadium, and Addi and I sat there and listened while Josh got tickets.

I think she liked it!

We got all our favorite ball park foods too!

This sweet guy gave Addi a baseball. We had to take it back because she kept wanting to throw it on the field.

We were pretty close! I kept getting nervous that Addi was going to run out on the field while we weren't looking.

We went and ate our usual Milford Track on Saturday.

"circle of life moo moo!!!"

Saturday night, we went and ate Mexican with some friends. I just love this little mermaid bubble. Addi kept calling it her swimsuit. It kinda looks like it.

After dinner, we made a trip to Yogurt Mountain. Addi just wanting toppings. Haha!

I also got to visit sweet new baby Ruby too!!! She is so precious!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Her face with that huge drink is absolutely precious!
    And thank goodness is was just chalk on the wall :)


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