Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fishing and Playing

Hi friends! Hope y'all have had a good week! It's been busy around here lately! I'm catching up from last weekend and this week. :)

Last Friday, Addi was at her Papa's house so for lunch I went and got one of my favorite salads from Zaza's. It was delish!

Friday night, we grilled these "bangin shrimp skewers."  They are really healthy and taste almost just like bang bang shrimp from Bonefish. SO good.

Since we were going fishing the next day, Josh showed Addi how to work her fishing pole. He actually took her to Academy to pick one out. He said there was a princess one, a Tinkerbell one and she chose the Buzz Lightyear pole. So funny. Dixie had a blast trying to catch the little fish on it.

After we got Addi to bed, Josh and I watched Ironman 2. I know, it's been out for forever, but we still hadn't seen it. It was just so-so.

I made Addi and Lucia matching fishing shirts. Per Addi's request, she wanted a green fish.

Addi was very excited to see Lucia!

"Her's crying!"

The girls did fairly well playing together.

One thing I know for sure, is Addi will be the bossiest big sister EVER. Haha!

After we swam and ate lunch, we headed up to the riverhouse!

Addi loved casting and reeling in her little fish.

That night, we feasted! SOO good.

Nandini made a dutch apple pie that was to die for.

The next morning, Lucia was crying and we looked over and Addi had her ears plugged. haha!

  Sweet girl.

We had a PJ morning Tuesday which was SO nice.

We also had lunch with Treece at US Pizza. Eliza is getting ready to make her debut soon!!!

And Wednesday, we went to our favorite church/lunch/playplace. The kids had a blast!!!

Hope y'all have had a great week!!!


  1. you guys are all over the place!!! Addi is going to be a hysterical big sister ;)

  2. Sorry, but I'm pretty sure Lily's got (and will continue to hold on to) the title of bossiest big sister EVER. ;)
    Looking forward to seeing you girls tomorrow!

  3. very nice pics!!Lucia had lots of fun with Addi!


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