Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Oh my word. I am the worst blogger ever. I haven't updated in months. Months!!!! Trying to do better about posting more often. :)

Here is a Halloween recap for you. The cutest lion there ever was. 
Sister had to try on his costume and kept saying, "this is for trick or treating. My Dorothy one is for boo at the zoo." Haha we broke it to her gently she had to be Dorothy. 
Which she loved!!! 
We had a Halloween play date and sweet Ava came as Dorothy too! 
After everyone left, these sweet babies held hands and watched toy story tower of terror. :)
Addi got a special treat that night! Papa and Lila came to trick or treat, and they even dressed up! 
I dressed up too. If you can guess who we are before the next picture, we should probably be best friends. 

Bill and Jo from twister!!!! We are ridiculous. 
Addi had the time of her life trick or treating! Landon came with us too! He is just the sweetest little boy. 
The whole group. :)

Addi called them scarecrow and Tinman all night. It was so cute.
Sweet Eliza was a fox! So cute!
Hope y'all had a fun Halloween!

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Sweet Addi

Sweet Addi
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