Friday, July 29, 2011

Crazy Bear

It's been a long week! Addi has been not sleeping so well the past few nights and that makes me a tired momma. I just thought I would pop in and post a few pictures for Grandpa and Lila. :)

On Thursday, I went and dropped off clothes at Rhea Lana's and the very awesome Michelle kept Addi for a few hours. I'm pretty sure Addi did NOT want to leave! Lily has a super cool playroom with a cute little kitchen that Addi just loved. Oh and they also have fish. The key to Addi's heart! Oh and I totally stole these off Michelle's blog.

Bubbles and Elmo. Can't get any better than that!
Sweet Lily reads a bedtime story.
Lily was super excited, because she taught Addi the word "bubbles." Look how happy she is!!!
Tucking Lily into bed. :)

This weekend will be a pretty eventful one. We have two parties to go to tomorrow, one being at our house. I also really want to go to the Rhea Lana early sale, but I just don't think I'll be able to swing it all. I'll just have to wait till Sunday I guess. :)

Oh here is one last picture. I asked Addi to say cheese and this is what I got. This girl has been a MESS today, but she is always making me laugh!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Splash Zone

Today was such a fun day! We went to the Splash Zone in Jacksonville with our playgroup. This was such a neat place, and much better than Splash Park in the Rivermarket. This one isn't free, but it's only $4 per person and kids 2 and under are free. It's got a really big area for little kids and it's not very deep either. Anyways, Addi had a BLAST. I didn't get many pictures because I was terrified of Addi drowning. She really has no fear and that's not such a good thing. There were several times she went under and while the water came to her chest, she couldn't get her footing and was just floundering for a couple seconds. SCARY. Both times I was close enough to grab her and after that, I didn't let her out of my reach!

We went and ate at Chili's afterwards, and Addi did such a great job. I think it was because she was sitting by her BFF, Nancy! I don't have a picture of these sweet girls, but they are just two bowls of sugar!

Addi's Papa came to town tonight and we all went to eat sushi with some friends. Addi LOVED these chopsticks and decided to eat her yogurt with them.

We were talking tonight at dinner how much we are OVER summer. It's just so dang hot, I'm ready for fall! I know it won't get actual fall temps till November, but even 80 degrees sounds wonderful in this heat! Haha!

Hope y'all had a great day!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Most Wonderful Weekend!

This weekend was just the best. We didn't really have plans and those are my favorite kinds of weekends. :)

On Saturday, we went to lunch at our usual, Milford Track. It was very good as always.

After lunch, we decided to take Addi to go see the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It didn't go so well, it was naptime and we made it through about 40 minutes before she was just so restless and cranky we had to leave. It was fun while it lasted though! She did take a good long nap for us when we got home. :)

For dinner, Josh made shrimp scampi. It was SOOO good.
Addi wasn't so sure! Haha!
And for dessert, we had these yummies from the Target bakery! Delish!

Today, we went to church then out to lunch with some friends. When we came home, I tried so hard to get a picture of Addi smiling for her 22 month post.
I cannot stress enough how hard it is to get a picture of this busy little girl!
But sometimes, she cooperates!

One of Dixie too!

This afternoon, we've had quite the time with Miss Addi. She is DEFINITELY coming into the terrible twos and for some reason, she has just been crying for no reason??? Like just randomly she came over to me and just started bawling her eyes out and then she would look at me and see what reaction I was doing. Read: Horrified. Just kidding, but I really thought something was wrong at first with how she was carrying on. But, she was fine two seconds later! And also she's throwing more and more fits if we try to take something away or tell her to not do something. She also hit Dixie last night after she got in trouble. Woo! Fun times! :)

She is still our sweet sweet girl though. :) Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sickies and Pinterest

Yesterday, I went to Searcy to pick up Addi from her Papa and Lila's house and also to get my hair done. I was pleasantly surprised when Jeanette called me and said she was doing her "fried night" that night too! I have been looking forward to this night and it did not disappoint!

Addi prayed before we ate. She likes to scrunch her eyes closed and whisper some things, then shout, "Amen!!!" So funny.

We also had a little dinner music by Addi also.

This morning, little bear woke up not feeling so great. She was pretty clingy and fussy so we decided to skip playgroup and stay home. There was lots of movie watching today. :)

Zombie baby?

Once she woke up from her three hour nap, she acted like she felt a lot better. She definitely wanted a picture with moo-moo. She held him up and yelled, "cheese!"

So now, let me talk about Pinterest.

I'm addicted. If you don't know what it is, it's this website where you can "pin" recipes, cute outfits, home decor, organization tips, basically anything onto different boards. It's a great solution for when you find something really cute online and can't remember where it was from. It's also sort of a social networking site too since you have followers and you can follow other people. Here are my favorite pins from this week. If you want to join, send me your email and I'll send you an invite!

I bought those shoes last night in orange and red! They are only $8.99!!!

Hope y'all had a great day!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jumping and Playing

Today we went to Jump Zone with our playgroup. As soon as Addi got up this morning, she asked to go to the pool. She was a little sad when I said no, but then I told her we were going to jump. She said, "play?" "friends?" "Hadley?" Yes to all of those Addi! When we got to Jump Zone we realized that it had turned into a kid war zone. There were two church vans, plus a day care that was there. It was craziness and the kind that always makes my nerves bad. I won't lie, I did go a little momma bear on some kids. There were older boys in one of the bounce houses that were just being really careless and Addi and another little girl were in there and the boys fell on them several times. People are always saying that my voice is so soft, but trust me, those boys heard me. And apparently, they had been asked several times by some other moms to watch out for the babies. Addi can handle herself pretty well, but that other little girl was just getting knocked around and couldn't hardly stand up at all. Luckily, they left pretty soon after that.

Hadley is turning three soon and here she was telling us what all she wanted for her birthday: a baby doll, a motorcycle and a strawberry cake. So funny!

Addi always finds the water fountain and is intrigued with it for about 20 minutes. The downside, her shirt is always soaked.

At one point, I was looking around for Addi and someone said, "oh my word, Addi is at the top of that slide." That slide being one of the bigger ones and one of the ones you have to go through an obstacle course to get up to. My heart stopped and I was so scared she was going to tumble down the slide, but she leaned back and laughed the whole way down! She is fearless!!!

Sliding with friends is always fun too.

Sweet Max.
Eli was being a sassy man today!
Me and Hadley.

And then, I got the bright idea to get a group picture of all the kids. After lots of strategy, tears, loud noises, and me almost falling off a bench, this is what we got. Enjoy!

I was sweating after that. It's hard work getting that many toddlers to sit still! After we cooled down, we headed to Taco Bueno for some delicious Mexican food. Addi is napping, I'm debating whether or not to do some orders or sit here and play on Pinterest. We are going to see Harry Potter tonight and I am SO pumped. I embarrassed myself last night when we were watching part 1. SPOILER ALERT!!!! I was doing the ugly cry when Dobby dies and Josh looked over and asked if I was serious. So, I don't know how tonight is going to go. Haha!

Hope y'all had a great day!

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