Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brain Explosion

This post will just be a bunch of random things. It's all I got tonight!

  • Addi has us rolling constantly. Just tonight, she was "cooking" and I asked her what she was making and she said, "biscuits!" "No, ice cream biscuits." I've never heard of ice cream biscuits, but sign me up!
  • On the way home from Noah and Treece's, she asked to go by "Chik-a-lay". We told her it was closed and she had this monologue with herself that went like this, "Oh I'm sorry, we can't go to Chik-a-lay, the fries are at Hobby Lobby so just chicken, kay?"  
  • She's really into this show on PBS called Wild Kratts. It comes on in the late afternoon so it's meant for older kids, but she loves it. It's a very informative show about animals. 
  • This morning, Addi had Belle in a headlock saying over and over again, "Belle Belle you love me?" Yes, I'm sure she loves you. :) If she didn't, you would have been bitten a long time ago.
  • Coming home tonight, she saw a bug on the windshield and said, "Oh that's a bug. Just a second, that's Dixie." 
  • "Just a second" is her favorite phrase for when she doesn't want to share or do something. 
  • Tonight, Josh helped Noah put together Eliza's pack and play. It was so fun making a list with Treece for all those last minute things she needs. It made me nostalgic for when we were anxiously awaiting Addi's arrival, and how excited/nervous we were.
  • We are going out on the town to celebrate my birthday this weekend! I'm so excited. I also have a facial scheduled for Saturday afternoon! And Mia is coming to stay with us! It will be a great weekend. :)
  • I've been making so many whale and crab things lately for customers, along with Disney things, and I just have to say how envious I am! I want to go to the beach so bad! Or Disney! Haha! Next summer one of those things is happening! 
  • I've been making preliminary lists for Addi's birthday party and gameday outfits. Both involve lots of chevron. :)

Now for more serious things. One of the doctors I used to work for lost his daughter on Tuesday. She was 2. We have been praying for Lila Beth since she was diagnosed with MPS.  I am heartbroken for them. I can't even fathom losing something so precious. I hate that they are hurting so bad, and I wish Jesus would come back right now so they wouldn't have to hurt anymore. Would you please keep the Hughes family in your prayers? And give your babies an extra squeeze and kiss. 

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  1. Adobo is hilarious! I love that she says just a second! What a mess!! That is so sad about that doctors daughter. I can't imagine. I'll be praying for them!


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