Saturday, June 30, 2012

Snapshots of Our Week

I haven't used by big camera in awhile, so these are all iphone pictures. We are finally getting into a summer groove. Things are slowing down and I like that! This week has been a scorcher though! I know everyone has been saying that, but seriously, it's so dang hot. 
Strawberry shortcake is a good cure for that. :)
We love Shipley's. 
We went to the theater to beat the heat and see Brave! It's a little scary at times, so be prepared. 
Lots of cookies. 
Sweet angel baby sleepy faces. 
Thought she heard a schoolbus! Haha!
Then she got to touch one after school on Wednesday. 
Fun with Ashton!
I love sleeping Addi pictures. 
Jeanette came and did my hair Thursday. Gotta love being able to do that at home!
Addi was rocking a sweet side ponytail.
And poor poor Dixie. Josh tried to just give her a trim and she flinched and he ended up shaving her. She looks so pitiful!!! But, I'm sure it's much cooler now.
Squash chip fail. Darn Pinterest. ;)
We were trying to take a picture to send to my Dad. Haha!
Fun at Larry's on Friday!
Sweet Belle Belle hugs.
A girl's best friend!
We've had a lazy and low key weekend around here. Which has been very nice. Lots of cuddles and movie watchin. 
Even the dogs have been acting extra lazy. They had been in here for awhile before we found them. Apparently, they were ready for bed! 
Hope y'all have had a great weekend!!!!!

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