Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly Update

We've had a nice little week around here. Monday morning, well most mornings, I put Addi in bed with me and we eat breakfast and watch a show. She likes to wake up slow just like me! :)
             She is so full of personality these days. I forget what she was talking about, but it was cracking both of us up.                             

 We met up with Treece and Eliza later on for a little lunch date!
 She was talking about storm clouds coming. 

 Since we were right by Cupcakes on Kavanaugh, we went in for a little treat!
Next up was a group trip to Kroger. Addi and her bear, "shiver". She renamed snowflake. Haha!
Working on writing her name later.  
 Pretty good!!!!
                                         A little movie and oreo date in bed later. 

We had to run to Target real quick before the storms started and Addi looked so cute. I looked like a hobo. :)
 New cherry chocolate sweetheart shake from Sonic. Go get one. So good.

 I went to a local consignment sale later that week and got some pretty good deals! These were all $10 or less. 
 At home date night!
Gymnastics time!

 Sam's trip. We stocked up!

Hope y'all have had a great week!

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