Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend in Dallas

This past weekend, we packed up and hit the road for a little trip to Dallas! I've been wanting to take one last little vacation before Rhett gets here, and Dallas is close enough to where it's not too hard to get there and back with a little one and a pregnant one. ;) 

We stopped in Texarkana on the way down there to see Mur and Granddad and let Addi get some of her energy out on the playground. And some ice cream. 
 Addi got some beatz headphones for Christmas, so on the way down there she watched her movies and we got to listen to the radio or talk without Little Mermaid in the background. 
 We got to Denton in time for dinner, and we met up with Lynda and Mason and their kids for dinner at this steakhouse that also had a cool barn dance going on inside. Of course, Addi LOVES any opportunity to dance, so this was great. 

 Sweet family picture. Haha!
 They also had a cool slide thing that the kids could go down. It was super fast!

 Daddy/daughter dance time.
 When we got back to their house, the kids put on every Disney character costume you could think of. Addi found this Captain Hook outfit and her night was made. She's been a little obsessed with him for the last few weeks. :)
 Just some Hulk and Ariel soccer.
 This was a new one for Addi! And she watched Aladdin for the first time this weekend too! Loves it.
 Saturday, we went and watched Kaylie play her basketball game! 
 She scored a goal and we were all so proud! Addi got a little hoop action too.
 After a quick lunch, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was kinda half zoo, half aquarium which was really neat. It was a really open floor plan and you winded down to different levels to see the animals and fish. 
 These giant catfish were just hovering and staring. It was freaky.
 Oh this was the sweetest manatee. He (or she?) started swimming right towards where all the kids were.
 And just smushed right up against the glass. Big ole sea cow.
 This jaguar was stunning.
 Eeek!!! The sharks! The sharks are in this tunnel like place and you can sit and watch them swim over and around. The creepy thing was, your back was to just dark water and so you couldn't see them coming until they were right there. My blood pressure definitley went up. 
 They had a small hammerhead too!
 We watched the sharks feed, which was really cool, then we went on a little carriage ride downtown.
 Nice family picture. :)
 This is how Addi poses when she's pretending to be a princess. It's the sweetest.
 We ate Mexican for dinner, then came back and the cousins played. 
 We went to Babe's after church Sunday. Oh my word. Best fried chicken ever.
A quick stop in Texarkana on the way back!
 And we were home! It was a great trip and we all had a lot of fun. :)


  1. That restaraunt is like five minutes from where we live! Small world!

  2. First, I had a craving for babes chicken on Sunday night. I made the babes salad. I'm obsessed with that stuff.
    Aren't headphones the greatest?
    And when are we getting a restaurant like that in LR? That is so up Addi's alley, ha!! She needs that all the time. She looks so big, by the way!


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