Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day Date with Addi!

Today, Addi and I went on a little day date. I love spending time with this girl and I try to take her to her favorite spots when were out.

Our first place was Chick Fil A for some lunch! I was surprised that Addi actually spent more time sitting with me and eating than playing. She usually plays the whole time, so it was really nice to just sit and eat and chat. :)

We did some shopping after that. Again, Addi was in the best mood and was just so happy and smiley. Except for this picture. I really need some new tricks to get her to smile for pictures! Haha!

I felt like Addi and I needed a special treat after shopping, so we went to Orange Leaf! It was really warm today so it was warranted. :)

Such a fun day with my little princess!!! Hope y'all had a great day!

Oh!!! And I just want to say a BIG thank you to Monogram Replay on Facebook and Kelly for giving me a shoutout! Thank you girls!!!! :)


  1. Is there anything better than a special day with your special girl?! I love days like that with BG!!

  2. I got to see Addie to day... I stopped by her pappa dentist office today to drop Addie off some bows as we all know she needs more...lol
    Ashley she is a doll and J is so good with her.
    I must say all a child needs is....
    Love, Love,Love! and she will be sweet, kind, and loving... YOu and Josh are doing a great job... I do feel she needs a brother soon~ Great Aunt Jean


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