Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today me and Addi went to Searcy so I could get my hair highlighted and cut. I forgot to charge my camera so although there was major cuteness on Addi's side, I didn't have anything to document it. Sad day. Jeanette did my hair at the house and it was so nice, because Addi could just crawl around and do her thing while Jeanette did "hair" thing. Hahaha I crack myself up! Anyways, I went to rinse my foils out and when I came back downstairs Addi and Jeanette were outside swinging. Addi was passed out! Oh my goodness, I forgot that poor child hadn't had a nap all day! I felt so bad, especially when an hour later she was still sound asleep even after I transported her to her carseat! She slept the entire way home poor thing!
In other news, it was GORGEOUS today. Perfect temp, even a little cool this morning! I hope it stays like this!
We also went to Canon Grill tonight for dinner with Josh and Mia! So excited to see Mia, she came down to help Treece and Noah clean since they are leaving on Saturday. :( We are planning a girl's day soon in which we will take Addi to the zoo! So fun!

Just in case you forgot what Addi looks like...

Now I'm off to clean my messy house. Hope y'all had a great day!

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  1. Mmmm, Canon Grill. And hooray for cooler, non-death-heat temps!! We celebrated by riding our bikes for the first time in FOREVER. So nice.


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