Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend, busy, but great! Saturday, Mur and Granddad came to see us! They were in town for Granddad's med school reunion and they brought Addi a little present!

To say she loves it, is an understatement!

It was Josh's when he was little! Isn't that cute?

We took them to Milford Track for lunch, and ran into some of Josh's lab co-workers! Ania brought Nadia and Addi LOVED her! Nadia is 5 months old and she was in her car seat when we first got there. Addi got so excited when she saw her and started "petting" her. It was so sweet!

When we got home, Addi had a little more rocking horse action before her nap.

We put Addi down and then me and Mur went to Hobby Lobby and Hancock's. We got some cute fabric, and some decorations for Addi's party. Speaking of party, I ordered her invites and I have the proof! I want to show y'all so bad, but it will have to wait. I want to get them mailed first and then I'll post it!
We had a fun little afternoon, just lots of playing and laughing at all the funny things Addi has started doing.

For dinner, we went to Cheeburger Cheeburger with Stephen and Emily! We had a great time!

After we got Addi to bed, we watched all these Scare Tactics videos on Youtube. Oh my word, we laughed so hard! If Josh ever put me on a show like that I would have a heart attack!
Addi slept till 10 on Sunday morning, which was great, but we had to rush to get ready for church! When I dropped her off in the nursery, the lady in there was so happy to see her because she said Addi was very easy. I'm so proud!! She never cries when I leave, probably because she is so excited about all the new toys! :) When I was walking back through the foyer to go sit down, this lady stopped me and was commenting on how cute Addi was. She looked so familiar and it was the girl I met in Hobby Lobby that one day who is having a little girl in September, on Addi's due date! It was fate that we met again! I was so excited, because after I left HL that day, I kept thinking, "man I should have asked her what her name was because we have so much in common!" I told Josh when I sat down, and he looked at me like I was crazy! Haha. I guess it does sound kinda weird that I made a friend in Hobby Lobby!
We went and ate lunch at Copeland's which was sooo good. Addi was very tired towards the end of lunch so we went and walked around for a good bit while everyone finished up.

I went and ran errands this afternoon, I did my grocery shopping at the new Kroger on Chenal. It's INCREDIBLE!!! I definitely went on the busiest day, but it is so cool. There is a whole section devoted to "natural foods" that someone (Michelle) will love. :)

Addi has also graduated to the big bath tub! She LOVES having all the extra room to splash around, and her favorite thing is to pull out the drain. Haha.

We just finished watching the Emmy's and I can't wait for all of our Thursday night shows and Glee to come on! We also saw some other shows we might start watching! Hope y'all had a great weekend!!!


  1. Those old rocking horses are THE BEST! Older toys are much better in general, really, back before manufacturers got overly safety conscious and sucked the fun right out of the toys! I just bought Lily an old-school Sit 'n Spin b/c the new ones just don't spin enough. :)
    Woohoo new Kroger on Chenal! Must go asap.
    Ryan wanted Cheeburger for lunch today, but I had to veto on account of the death in my belly right now. :)
    LOVE the bath pics!

  2. how fun! you always have the cutest pics!

  3. Addie looks like she will out grow the horse real fast... I remember my mom and dad bought Debbie a horse when you pulled the string it sounded like a real horse...That horse went thru all the kids Rick,Sue and than Addie's grandpa Scott... should ask Debbie or Diana to post a picture... It was a grand horse ! So nice of Mur to have kept Josh's in such good condition...


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