Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekly Catch-Up

We have had a pretty busy week around here! Thankfully, my energy is coming back, but in it's place is wicked hip and nerve pain. I had this with Addi too and it went away around 12 or 13 weeks. My doctor told me that where the sac is, it's positioned right on a nerve and the bigger it gets, the more it will raise it off the nerve. 

All I know is, Josh and Addi are getting the biggest kick out of me walking around like an old woman. 

Actually, Addi usually gets really worried, and asks 5 dozen times if I'm okay. She's a sweetheart.

On Monday, Addi went to gymnastics! This was her first class and she was PUMPED. We went to Target last week to pick out a few leotards. She really REALLY wanted a Tinkerbell leotard, but we were limited to pink or black. Maybe I will applique a Tinkerbell on there for her. ;) 

The teachers are so sweet. Addi's little group had 4 kids and they were all 2-3. I was really excited to see how Addi did in a class setting. She listened pretty well! They stretched first, then did a couple somersaults down the wedge.  Addi had been practicing at home, so she nailed it. ;)

 Leotards are SO cute!!!
 It looks like she's giving that little girl the stank eye.
 Stretching again?
 Listening! Yay!
 This was her favorite. They were supposed to jump down the trampoline with their hands in the air. Addi was the first to go and it was so funny. BUT. All of the moms in the lobby were like, "Oh my word! She is so good! Is this her first time?" Apparently, Addi's got mad trampoline skills. Better go ahead and watch for her in the 2024 Olympics. 
 This was hilarious. Addi shuffled her feet down the beam. Not one in front of the other, but cartoon style. 
 I should note that on Tuesday, when Addi went to school, she threw the MOTHER of all fits because she couldn't go to Ms. Maria's (her old teachers) room. I went to drop her off and there was a boy inside her class crying really hard and I think it freaked her out, and she wanted nothing to do with going inside. She only wanted Ms. Maria. It was so sad, but so unnerving. She doesn't throw a whole lot of fits, but when she does. WHEW. I need 10 Valiums to settle down. We finally got her squared away and of course she had fun. 
Last night, we were deciding what to fix for dinner. Josh didn't want what I had planned, so we thought chicken parmesan sounded good. This recipe is so quick and easy, and kinda healthy. It's also as good as any restaurant style chicken parm. Here is the recipe. 
 Classic cheese face!!! 
 She was perturbed the wind was blowing her hair. Also, this is Addi's last bubble. :( We are getting really close on potty training and sadly, we are done with adorable bubbles. 
 Long story, but Addi's been on the wait list for a certain school for almost a year. I was SO excited when I got an email this spring that said they had a spot for her. I've heard amazing things about this school and today was open house and meet the teacher! I LOVE Addi's teacher. She is so sweet and kind. The class is small and Addi's one of the oldest in there. We met all the kids and they are sweethearts. I think she is going to have so much fun in there. It's from 9-2 so she will be there for lunch and nap. That will be interesting. It's only one day a week though so I'll try not to miss her too much. :)
 We picked up Panera for lunch afterwards. It sounded so good and it's perfect for this rainy day.
Looks like we are in for a lot of rain the next few days. Stay dry!!!

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