Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Back!

So I'm back!!! I've been back for awhile. And sadly, I didn't take a single picture of my beautiful vacation. :( I was afraid of losing my camera or phone so I didn't take it with me. I did snorkel IN THE OCEAN!!! That's a big step for me. Granted, it was a lagoon that was closed off from actual open ocean and there weren't any big fish, but hey, I'm proud. 

Addi had a phenomenal time at Michelle's house! Thank you so much Michelle. 
I missed my princess bear!!!
 Almost as soon as I got home, we packed up again and headed to Hot Springs for a family getaway. 
 It was so great to see everyone!
 Addi had a blast playing with Kason and Kaylie. I wish we lived closer to them!
 Watching the Olympics and having a little late night snack.
 We went to Magic Springs one day. Hot as blazes, but fun!
 Of course, Addi loved every ride.
 This one was probably her favorite.
 They rode it ALOT.
 Gangsta. Not really, I look like Donald Trump.
 Dustin said she was singing, "Call me Maybe." Hahaha!

 Addi's birthday goodies came in! Sarah is so talented and did these! Isn't she great?
 I made some Thanksgiving things for PBK. I'm so pumped for fall. 
 Poor Addi fell one night while running down the hall. She's had a pretty good shiner for a week now. :(
 Josh and I had a day date Sunday. We went to brunch, Sam's, then to see the new Batman movie. Which was INCREDIBLE.........
 He also made ribs that night.
 I got to cuddle sweet Eliza.
 Wittle yawns!!
 Addi was under the weather on Monday. :( But it meant a lot of cuddle time.
 We made a batch of strawberry cupcakes. She loves to help out!
 A little playdate at CFA. Silly girl! 
 I asked her to pose. She makes me laugh so hard.
 Josh took us to lunch today!
 Yummy bento box.
 Okay, I think I am caught up!!! Hope y'all have had a great week!

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