Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane...an emotional wreck. :)

In just 4 short hours, I will be heading to the airport, and by noon tomorrow, I will be in beautiful Playa. :) I'm pretty excited about the cool temps. Haha! And I'm ready to tune out, lay on the beach and just RELAX for a few days. This vacation is much needed, and I am so thankful for my wonderful in-laws allowing me to go on this trip!!! They are the best. 
Last night, we took Addi to Playtime Pizza! It was our first time to go. This place was SO much fun!!! It reminded me of Pizza Planet from Toy Story. Ha!
Emma and Addi doing this DDR game. 
Addi LOVED it.
This was a cool rollercoaster simulator.
Go Kart track.
There are 2 floors of games. The place is HUGE!
Pretty sure she was telling me, "bye mommy!" Aka: go away. Ha!
Cool girl.
This was a game that you shoot spiders. Surprisingly, Addi really liked it. 
Then she rode this carousel thing for almost 20 minutes straight. 
With all the tickets we won, Addi got a tiara and.......
A bow and arrow!!! She has been dying for one of these ever since she saw Brave. The other day she took her fishing pole line, held it up to her face, let it go and said, "I like Brave!" We were cracking up. She is already a pretty good shot. Dixie doesn't mind being a target, she thinks its fun to chase after the "arrows", but poor Belle Belle. She just hids until Addi finds her. Bless it. We've told Addi it's not nice to shoot the dogs, so she has been aiming for her little target sheet and the TV. :/
Today was a PJ day. I had so much to do around the house, and NO energy whatsoever. Bad combo. Haha! We ended up playing in Addi's room for a few hours. It was so nice and I think she really enjoyed her momma just being present. 
Silly girl. :)
I'm going to miss the lamb SOOO so much. I cried pretty hard putting her to bed tonight. I know that I will have such a blast in Mexico, but it literally makes my heart hurt to be away from this angel. She is going to be in great hands though while I'm away, and I'll see her Saturday. :)
Until then, have a great week everyone!!!


  1. Have fun momma! You're right...she's in great, capable hands and you deserve this! Have a blast! Love ya!
    P.S. it was nice chatting with you tonight. ;)

  2. Have fun on your trip lady! And Addi will have a blast while you're gone. I wouldn't worry about that ;)


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