Saturday, July 28, 2012

Much Needed Catch Up!

I've been in such a blogging funk, but it's been stressing me out that I haven't posted in so long, so here is just a massive picture overload...sorry! :)

When we last left off, Josh had left on Friday for Canada. Y'all. He didn't come back till last Sunday. It was a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG week!!! 

We took Addi's old bouncy seat for Eliza to use, but Addi wanted to sit in it one last time. Haha!
Precious little thumb sucker!
To drown my sorrows in Josh's absence, I made a lot of comfort food. Including: pimento cheese.
Fried Chicken and squash.
We also made cupcakes! Addi was in charge of the sprinkles. 
Yay for girl's week!
By Tuesday, Addi was a little bored, so we did some science experiments.
She also picked that week to sleep HORRIBLY. Poor lamb slept with me most of the week.
One day she woke up at 4:30 ready for the day. Whew! That was a long day.
Thankfully, that was her MDO day so I went to TJ Maxx for a little "me" time. :)
She passed out on the drive home from school. Bless her heart.
Friday we went to Jump Zone. Addi had an epic meltdown when it was time to leave because she had made friends and didn't want to leave them. :(
We had fish tacos that night with Michele!
Addi's newest obsession: macaroni penguins. Don't ask.
By Saturday, I was running out of ideas to entertain her, so I just gave her a flashlight. Bought an hour of playtime. :)
My cute bubble necklace came in!
Mia came into town to see Eliza, so we headed over there too! We went for a little walk and Eliza bear just passed out in my arms. So sweet.
I sent Addi off to her Papa and Lila's house that night so I could get some work done. How cute are these!?
Mia made us brunch the next morning. SO good.
Josh got home Sunday night, we were SO happy to see him!!!! Scott fixed a delicious meal that night too.
Addi jumped her heart out.
School bus shirt for my lamb.
On Tuesday, Addi occupied herself with a marker I had stashed,while I was making enchiladas for playgroup. Hmm..
We also went to the Wonder Place this week. 
Followed by lunch with some Twitter friends. One word. CHAOS. ;)
Yummy flatbread pizza.
Makin it rain at Larry's!
Playing quietly in her room. Lasted maybe 5 minutes.
Had to buy this candle. Duh. ;)
Today we went to Hadley's birthday party! She had a skating birthday party and it was so cool!
I had no idea Josh could skate at all, let alone very well. It leads me to wonder, what is he not good at? 
Ah, refreshment time.
Hollie makes the most delicious cupcakes EVER.
Sweet Brittan and Addi.
The birthday girl!
Tonight, we had a nice low key dinner with Treece and Noah. Josh finally got to hold Eliza and we watched the Olympics. It was perfect. :)


  1. That flatbread pizza looks delicious!!! And yay! Can't wait to see the kids shirts in person. I love them.

  2. The first thing I am going to need you to make me:
    1. Some comfort food! :)
    Second thing?
    2. School bus shirts for the kids! :) Let's do this! Text me prices please. :)


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