Friday, August 24, 2012

Baby #2 Details!

Thank you SO much for all the sweet comments, texts, and tweets about our exciting news!!! We are over the moon about our new sweet addition coming this spring. Here are some details...

But first, let me tell you about God's timing with this. Last August, Josh and I had agreed to start trying for another baby. Long story short, we spent 6 months trying (which isn't long at ALL) but I was in a really negative place and I knew deep down it just wasn't our time. I was feeling sorry for myself all the time, vowed never to take a pregnancy test again because I couldn't handle one more negative, and just found myself pretending a lot of the time to be happy for people that were announcing they were pregnant. I felt like I was failing at something I couldn't control. Clearly, not a good place to be.

 And I know that there are people out there that try for 10 years before having a baby. And trust me, I feel like a big jerk even writing that I had those feelings after only 6 months. I just wanted another baby so bad and was consumed by it. Patience is obviously not my virtue. I prayed about it and thankfully was able to step back from the situation and see clearly. God provided peace in knowing that His timing was perfect and I shouldn't worry about things I can't control.

So, we started talking again this spring about when to start trying. There was even talks of IF we should have another. It was a complete 180 from last fall. God was teaching me to be content with what I had. Josh right now is finishing up his phd and will start back to med school in summer of 2013. The way it works out, he will have a few months off in between finishing grad school and starting med school. Which would be PERFECT. He could be home and be able to help me adjust to 2 babes and get to soak in that sweet newborn phase.

We got pregnant the first month of trying. Which means, he will get to be home for 3ish months before having to go back to med school. What an answered prayer. And what perfect timing. Everytime I think about that, I seriously get chills. And it reminds me to not stress about things like that. God will take care of them. We don't have to worry about it. :)

Also, I have a list of sweet friends that are trying to have babies right now. I pray for y'all every single day and I know that your time is coming too. God will provide. 

  • My due date is March 30th. 
  • We went and saw the doctor Tuesday and got to see the baby!  He or she is measuring right on track with a 173 heartbeat. 
  • Addi's heartbeat was the same, so I'm kinda leaning towards another girl. :) Josh is still holding out for a boy.
  • So far I've been pretty nauseous throughout the day. It's getting better though. And I've been taking zofran when needed. Again, same as it was with Addi.
  • I haven't really had any cravings yet. Mostly aversions to: potatoes, and coffee (SAD).
  • Addi has been SO sweet about the new baby. She talks to my belly several times a day, and always kisses it. 
  • Some funny things she has said...
"Oh my tummy! Somethings happening! It's growing! Rub my belly!"

"Come out baby! Come on out of momma's belly!"

She will lift her shirt up for me to talk to her belly.

When we got the ultrasound yesterday, she said, "okay my turn." :)

Unfortunately, I got a TON of stretch marks with Addi. They have faded, but still there. Addi was talking to my belly and seemed to notice them for the first time, and just got this horrified look on her face and kept asking if I was okay. Haha.
  • I've had to remind her a couple times that we don't need to jump on momma, and I think it's finally sunk in. Good thing there is a lot of cushion protecting the baby!
  • I've already started to show a little bit! I'm really excited, but kinda worried about just how big I'm going to get. Eeek. I've heard it happens faster though with your second. 
  • I've also lost my mind. I cannot remember ANYTHING. I have let so many things with PBK fall through the cracks and it breaks my heart. I've had to put my etsy shop on vacation for awhile so I can control the amount of orders coming in. I'm still taking orders, but just through facebook and email. So far, it's been the perfect amount, but I'm still catching up on all my etsy ones too. Good things I've been having touches of insomnia at night! 
  • I did get one of those huge pregnancy pillows and I've been loving it. I'll turn on my heating pad for my back and curl up with that pillow and I'm OUT. Haha! 
Josh has been the BEST, just the absolute BEST in handling first trimester things and has been really patient and understanding if things don't get done around the house. He's a good man. 

Thank y'all again SO much for all the baby love!!! 


  1. That is so exciting! God is good. Congratulations! :)

  2. Couldn't be happier for you!!!

  3. So excited for you guys! Congrats again!

  4. That is just great how the timing worked out! God is so good! That is exactly how it worked out for Jared between graduating and starting residency. It was so awesome having him home for 3 months to help out, especially since we are away from all of our family! Addi cracks me up, she will be a great big sis!

  5. Eeeepppp!!! Congratulations! That is awesome news!

  6. Girl, I have been dying for these deets! God is so good! I'm so happy it's going to work out that josh is able to be home for a bit at the beginning. What a blessing! So, how far along were you with the heartbeat at 173? My boys both had mid 170s at the 8 week ultrasound! I definitely got bigger faster, and was definitely large and in charge, but it was a better bigger. It was from my head to my toes with Connor and just my belly with Cade. I'd take that any day! Sooooooooooo excited for y'all!

  7. I am SO excited for y'all!! And this God is SO good!!!

  8. This just seriously thrills me to no end. I need to make a trip to LR to hug your sweet neck!!!


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