Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Little Friends

Yesterday, Addi had some friends over for a little playdate. Yes, this has been the week of home playdates! Haha! We usually don't do that many in one week, but this was just an odd week. Anyways, Addi pretty much had the best time of her life! No kidding. And she took a great nap which made this momma really happy! :)

Addi and Harper. Addi going in for the meaningful hug. ;)
Her cheese face.
Window gel time!
Pretty sure she was telling me to stop. Taking pictures of her and her friends and embarrassing her. Oh me Addi. :)
Fitting in some time to tweet about how the playdate was going.
Then they ran around the house for 30 minutes holding hands and screaming. Haha!
So cute!!!
Eli was the only boy there yesterday, bless his heart! But, he had a blast!!! Also, just ignore the massive amount of work stuff on the pool table.
Such a fun day!!! Hope y'all had a great one!!!


  1. So precious.. Looks like fun was had all around.. :)

  2. Addi seriously cracks me up! She is so funny and cute.

  3. We had loads o' fun, as always! Thanks for having us over!!


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