Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Recap...on Tuesday

No judgies that I'm doing a weekend post on Tuesday! :) We had a blast this weekend! On Friday, Addi and I went to a Valentine's Day party for one of her sweet friends, Amelia. Amelia's mom, Jill, is on bedrest, yes BEDREST, and she threw the most amazing party ever. I'm serious, there were so many details that made the party just so so cute. She had personalized each child's place setting with these cute little mailboxes, a heart shaped sign on their chair, everything was just beautiful! And did I mention she is on bedrest?! She's my hero. :)
How CUTE are these cookies?!!
Addi thought it was the best party food also. Chick fil a nuggets, and plenty of sweets. This girl was in heaven! Oh! And Jill had crafts for the kids to do also. We made hair barrettes and cute heart magnets.
All the kid's on Amelia's bed. Isn't her room adorable?
When we got home, Addi helped me by modeling some of my spring clothes! She was actually pretty excited about it and did a great job! We took a little break to read some books in between outfits.
Friday night, our friends Treece and Noah came over for a game night! Josh went and got Mexican food (my current fav is 2 cheese enchiladas with rice and beans...YUM.) and after Addi went to bed, we played Settlers of Catan. NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! But seriously, I thought I was going to hate this game, but I love it!!

Saturday, we went to a fun birthday party for sweet Andrew!!!
Rylan and Lily. Love those two.
This is the place Addi had her birthday party at. She was so excited to go back.

The birthday boy!
Cupcake time with the cutest brothers ever!!!!
Max went for it.
Bahahahaha. Addi licks the icing off and prefers the cupcake to not get on her hands. Priss. ;)
Saturday night, Josh made us Mexican food ( I know and we had Taco Bueno for lunch) and Carson and Keith came and played another round of Settlers of Catan. Haha!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!!!!!

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