Monday, September 12, 2011

We're Still Here!

Man oh man. It's been awhile since I've been on the ole blog. Lots of stuff has been going on, some good and some bad. Addi got yet another stomach bug, along with a cold and is just now starting to feel like herself again. I'm crossing my fingers we can hold off on any more sicknesses till after her big birthday bash. :)

So last week, yikes, there was really nice cool weather, sidewalk chalk time, chocolate chip cookies, and princess crowns.

Addi had gotten over her last sickness and we joined our playgroup friends for an extra delicious, breakfast playdate! Best food ever.

Addi was a toot of course, and spent the majority of her time there, putting sweet baby Autumn's toys in her diaper genie. I counted 13 when I pulled them out.

She did have a blast playing with her friends.

That night, Addi attended her very first football game! She went to the Harding Academy game, which is where Josh and I went to school, so I felt I needed to dress her up. :)

On Saturday, we went and tailgated for the Razorback game! Woo Pig! Addi was a hot mess by the end of this day, bless her heart! But, she had fun!

Poor girl passed out!!

Sunday morning, I was getting ready for church when all of a sudden, I heard the horrifying sound of someone throwing up. I ran into our bedroom and Josh and Addi were sitting there with just shocked expressions. Poor Josh got thrown up on all over. Addi threw up three more times before the Phenergan we gave her kicked in. Poor thing slept most of the day and even slept the whole night. She also had a runny nose so I know she just felt miserable. :(

Luckily, when she woke up this morning, she was magically all better. In a great mood, no throwing up or messy diapers, back to normal, I HOPE. We did miss out on playgroup just because she might still have some mess going on and we certainly don't want to spread it to others. We did go and have lunch with Josh. I found these little toy packs at Walmart for 97 cents that have a coloring book, crayons and STICKERS! And this one was Toy Story themed. It kept Addi pretty occupied while we ate.

We also played outside for a little bit. I'm ready for this heat to go on back. I need cool fall temps!!!

So that was our week and weekend in a nutshell! I'm hoping we can stay healthy this week! :)

Hope y'all had a great week!


  1. Bless your hearts. I hope y'all stay well too! Hadley will be going back to school tomorrow we didn't go Thursday and haven't really been out since because she's had the cold and throw-up thing too. =(

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE her outfit with the big monogram! Did you make that? I'm going to have to get some things from your Etsy shop! Hope everyone is staying well around there!!

  3. LOVE Addi's football outfits!! And I'm glad she's feeling better too. :)

  4. LOVE that sweet little hogs outfit!!!!

  5. So sad that she got sick again, but I'm hoping that she is much better this week! Love all of her little outfits! So cute!


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