Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Hey everyone! How was your long weekend? I hope you all had a great time! We had a bit of an un-expected weekend. I'll explain in a little bit. :)

I told y'all I really wanted to cut my hair. Well...I did! I couldn't believe I actually went through with it, but here is the before and after. My hair in the before wasn't straightened, I had actually just brushed it out from it's curly stage so it looks really weird.

I am really liking the change! I keep touching my hair because it's so short and it's still setting in that I have short hair now! I ran to Hay's real quick to pick up these bad boys. I really wanted some to go with my game-day outfits, and I love them!

While we were in Hay's, Addi met up with this guy! She LOVES Toy Story and is always wanting to watch, "Buzz" so this was a special moment for her. :)

After my cut, we met up with Janelle, Andrew, Hadley, Rachel, Adam and Harper for some pizza! It's always fun when the girls get together, but I have to say, we were all frazzled when dinner was over! That's just to be expected though when you get three toddlers together and try to get them to sit still! Janelle took them outside and taught the girls some dance moves!

We headed to Gymstars after that for some open gym play-time. They LOVED this!

We spent the night in Searcy, because Josh was dove hunting the next morning and Addi and I were supposed to go to Jonesboro for her 2 year photo shoot. Sadly, Addi woke up the next morning just covered in throw up and proceeded to throw up several more times after that. It was SO pitiful and sad! We gave her some Phernergan and she was okay after that.

We just laid around and watched Disney movies for most of the day. When she finally did go down for a nap, I gave the house a good deep-cleaning. Addi took a four hour nap and was feeling a lot better when she woke up. We decided to go to our friend, Evan's, surprise birthday party. That was so much fun!!!

Saturday night was interesting. Addi did not go to bed till almost 2 in the morning. Yikes. That four hour nap really did her in! Needless to say, we skipped church. :( We spent the day playing and just relaxing.

Sunday night, we went over to Nandini's house for dinner! I tried chicken curry for the first time and really liked it! Addi loved playing with the babies!

Josh made us butterbeer afterwards and it was delish! I've been to Harry Potter world, but I think his is better. The recipe came from Food Network.

Addi didn't fall asleep till really late that night again. When we woke up today, we went and got her and the crib was COVERED in throw up and poop. Sorry for that visual! We got her in the bath and I took care of the sheets. Not long after that, I got sick myself. I spent most of the morning in bed just feeling terrible. Poor Josh, he had to take care of both of us girls. Luckily, Addi didn't throw up again, but she busted out of her diapers twice, poor girl. I have been feeling a lot better, I just haven't moved around a whole lot. I hope that tomorrow we are as good as new! I hate being sick!!!

I can't complain too much, there is a lot to be thankful for! First, the Hogs won on Saturday!!! Second, it actually is kind of chilly here right now! Today was gorgeous and it's starting to feel like fall! And third, I'm going to get my first pumpkin spice latte of the season tomorrow! So pumped!
Hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE your hair!! SO fabulous! Sorry you and sweet girl have been so sick! I hope you feel better soon, and I am loving this "cold snap" HA! :)

    2. I love Addi's Hog outfit, she looks so big in it. I think I want one for Hadley with the "Hog Wild" shirt. We'll talk,ha!
    3. I too love your hair.
    4. Had a blast with you guys on Friday!!

  3. So sorry you guys are sick. :( Hope you feel better asap!
    And I'm LOVING the hair!!! I hope to see it in person very, very soon! We're missing out on Rock Creek too. :( Waaaaay too much to do. Sigh.

  4. Aww! I hope everyone is feeling better! I am dreading the day my little one wakes up with throw up everywhere, it hasn't happened yet {knock on wood!}.

    BTW, Addi's "Future Mrs. Arkansas" onesie is too cute!


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