Thursday, June 24, 2010

The rest of our day!

We had a wonderful day yesterday! Tuesday night, Rhen came in to spend a couple of days! Addi has been waking up around 10 or 11 so we just brought her in to see Rhen. She loves Rhen, but was a little confused as to why she wasn't in her room!

Wednesday morning, Addi woke up unusually early. 6:40! And bless her heart she was so tired. I kept trying to put her down for morning naps, but she had such a time falling asleep! We went downstairs and watched TV, I found out Sesame Street still comes on! I'm so excited, that used to be my favorite show!
Addi loves to pull out all of the DVD's in our entertainment center.

We went to eat lunch with Josh that afternoon. We tried this restauraunt we've been wanting to go to for awhile now. It's called Maddie's Place. The guy who owns it used to be Emeril's sous chef so we were very excited to try it! It was soooo good. We all ended up getting a lunch special. I got the fried shrimp plate, so yum. Josh got a crawfish po-boy and gumbo, which by the way he said I now have a gumbo rival. Uh-oh. And Rhen got a fried shrimp po-boy with roasted garlic and parmesan bisque. It might be my new favorite place! Addi loved it too! She ate a lemon, some saltines, a pickle and some french fries! Girlfriend didn't even touch her crunchies!

After lunch, Addi finally took a nap! It didn't last long, but oh well! We played for a long time that afternoon!

That night, Scott and Jeanette brought my birthday dinner that I requested...lobster ravioli! It was soooo good!

I had high hopes of eating much more than I did, but I didn't. And I was sad. Ha! They brought me a hay's gift card (can't wait to use it) and some much needed mixing bowls! Then Addi gave me the best late birthday present ever...she said momma! I might cry again!

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