Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fenugreek and an early birthday!

Your probably wondering about the strange post title. First, a little background. Heehee. So, about a week and a half ago, Addi decided she no longer wanted to nurse. She had been cutting her feedings down to nursing twice a day and wanting a bottle the other times. I was okay with this, she's almost 9 months old, gave me freedom and she was happy. But, today sister girl decided she wanted to nurse this morning and basically refused the bottle. I knew she was hungry so I kept trying the bottle and then out of desperation let her nurse! Surprisingly, there was milk, definitely not enough, but she drank some of her bottle too. Weird! And all day, she has been wanting to nurse. So I googled what to do in situations like this. The solution: Fenugreek and LOTS-O pumping. I went to this little vitamin store and bought fenugreek and mother's milk tea so hopefully my milk production will start back up. One weird side effect of fenugreek is you start to smell like maple syrup! So weird!

Sorry if that was TMI. :) Let's move on.

Our day was so great! Dina came over and took Addi's 9 month pictures. They turned out AMAZING!!! Dina is so talented and Addi loved her. We went to a nearby park and took them before it got too hot! Here are some of my favorites!

Addi was pretty worn out after all the pictures so she took a long nap for her momma. When she woke up, we ate some lunch and then went shopping!
Our first stop was the vitamin store. Next....TJ Maxx! Mur sent me a gift card for my birthday so of course I had to use it! I got some really cute stuff! Our next stop was Bed Bath and Beyond to get the new comforter I picked out for our room. I'm so excited to paint and get everything together!
When we got home, I dropped Addi inside first with one of the shopping bags and went back outside to grab the rest of the stuff. When I came back in, her and Dixie had gotten into a box of animal crackers and had dumped them out EVERYWHERE, and they were eating them! It was so funny, they are really going to get into trouble together!
I got another early birthday present that afternoon also! My awesome uncle sent me some DELICIOUS smelling coffee from New Orleans. I had to make myself wait to make it in the morning or else I would have been up all night. But, it smells wonderful. Thanks Uncle Dennis!

Me and Josh started a diet two days ago, and if you know anything about me, it's that I love food. Well, I've about had it with this "diet." Your only supposed to eat oatmeal, chicken and bee pollen. Yuck. This evening I got the most irrational craving for Canon Grill. Like, give it to me NOW. I called Josh and explained that I wouldn't be able to live another day if I didn't have Canon Grill tonight. Since it's two days from my birthday, he said okay. And then he said, it's only been two days! Will power is not one of my virtues and you knew that when you married me! So, we went to Canon Grill. Yay! The have the BEST cheese dip ever. It's a huge bowl of white queso with seasoned ground beef and guacamole. Then, we split three enchiladas. I have recently discovered that I actually like refried beans. Here is how I ate my meal. This might gross you out. I cut up my enchiladas, mixed them with the rice and beans, got a chip, dipped it in queso then scooped a huge bite of the enchilada mixture onto the chip. I literally made myself sick, but it was so worth it!

When we got home there was ANOTHER package waiting for me! I loveeeee birthdays!!!
This is from my sweet Aunt Paula.

I squealed when I saw what it was! I love monogrammed baby clothes!
We all played for a little bit (aka Josh and I fell asleep and Addi pulled out most of the clothes in her drawers) and then got Addi ready for bed.

To keep in the spirit of early birthday gifts, Josh gave me part of mine tonight! The other part is my Branson trip this weekend.

I love it!!! Isn't he just the sweetest? I also got a Matt Kearney CD that I've been wanting! It's been SUCH a wonderful birthday already so far!

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  1. I had to take fenugreek with Trey and both of us walked around smelling like we had just spilled syrup all over us!! It was hilarious! However, it worked!! Have a fun trip this weekend.


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