Sunday, June 20, 2010

Birthday Weekend(Part 1)

Well, I am 25! I don't feel any different. I did however, have a most excellent birthday! On Friday, I didn't do much, but clean a little and get packed for Branson. My aunt came to watch Addi for us, Josh took a little mini-vacay also, and went fishing with his dad!

I put lil miss in her high chair with some snacks and turned on Finding Nemo while I cleaned!

Addi's two page instruction manual.
That afternoon, Addi figured out how to get Dixie to play with her. Addi would pick up this ball and hold it out for Dixie then let go and Dixie would attack it and then Addi would crawl and get it again. It was too funny to watch them!

I got stuck in horrible traffic on my way to Russellville. We were moving at a crawling pace for about 45 minutes, not a good way to start a vacation! I finally made it to Mia's and she surprised me with a sweet birthday present!

Thanks Mia! I love it!
We made it to Branson at around 9:30 and drove around for awhile trying to find Landry's. We were starving by the time we got in there! We ordered shrimp and crab fondue, and these amazing banana pineapple drinks to start with.

For my meal, I got a steak and crab cake. It was soooo good. Also, the baked potato it came with was literally swimming in butter. It's like the chef knew it was my birthday and knew I loved butter.

Josh always says I order like a man. A lot of the time when a waiter brings food to our table, they always confuse Josh's meal with mine.
We were stuffed by the time dinner was over and verryyyy sleepy!

We got back to the hotel and were about to go to bed when we got sucked into watching "The Talented Mr. Ripley." It was kinda weird, but kinda good I guess!
We got a good night's sleep, because in the morning we were going to Silver Dollar City!

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