Sunday, June 27, 2010

Addi-9 Months!

Wow, so I can't believe Addi will be a year old in just three months! I've already been planning her party for a couple of months now, but I think I'm going to start finalzing some of the details and get a jump on making some of the "crafty" things! I'm so excited, it's going to be so much fun!

So Addi you are nine months old! What are you up to?

-You are in size three diapers still.

-You are wearing mostly twelve month clothes, they are a little loose, but some of the nine month clothes are getting too small.

-We finally got you weighed, 18 lbs. 9 oz. We thought you weighed a lot more! Ha ha!

-You are 26 1/2 inches long. 40% percentile in both weight and height.

-You weaned yourself at 8 1/2 months. You are drinking four 4 oz. bottles a day now.

-You eat 5 or 6 jars of baby food each day. You LOVE yogurt! Your still not crazy about green veggies, but you will eat them occasionally.

-You still LOVE crunchies, they are your favorite snacks! Although, you are very interested in trying whatever were eating.

-You love books. They keep you occupied for a long time! You just sit there and flip through them, it actually looks like your reading them.

-You have started to walk if you are holding onto something. You love to walk around the house with your little push toy or walk around the coffee table holding onto it.

-You said momma just a week ago! You say da-da all the time, you've started calling most of your toys and Dixie, "ba", you say "hi" to people and wave.

-You are still very friendly and love to be held and talked to by everybody!

-You are still sleeping 11-12 hours a night, but lately it's been a battle trying to get you down for bed! Once you are asleep you don't move, but getting you to that point has been a challenge!

-You take a long morning nap and a short or not at all afternoon nap.

I just love being your mommy and you make me laugh every single day. You have such a little personality already. You are such a blessing to me and your Daddy! We love you!


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Sweet Addi

Sweet Addi
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