Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Weekend!

This past weekend was our annual group canoe trip to the Buffalo River. It was a blast as always!!! On Friday I was running around like crazy trying to get everything done before we left. We had lunch with a playdate friend, a meeting at the RMH, a Walmart trip, plus packing, plus tidying up before Josh's grandma got there! And to top it off, Addi didn't nap hardly at all which made things a little difficult! She actually did sleep almost through the whole lunch. She hasn't done that in months!

Look how tired she looks!

We finally got all of our things done and packed up and we headed to Conway to meet everyone for dinner! We had a fun and hilarious night!

Saturday morning we woke up to DELICIOUS french toast made by Evan! It was so good! After breakfast we headed out to the river! We canoed for about five hours and made a lot of little stops along the way to rest and swim. The boys jumped off several cliffs as usual.

Me, Scott, Jeanette and Rhen headed home after canoeing. I missed Addi! It was so good to see her. Although, she had a hard time going to bed that night! On Sunday, Addi decided to wake up at 5:30 A.M. She just missed me I guess. Ha ha! Sunday afternoon, we ate lunch at Istanbul and made ourselves sick off of Greek food. Rhen also made Addi some super cute hairbows!

We just relaxed after Addi went to bed, we were pretty worn out from such a busy weekend!
Hope y'all had a great weekend too!

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