Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by way too fast! Rhett has been trying so hard to walk. He's cruising and will walk really good holding onto our fingers. It's just a matter of time! :(
Sweet Emily sent me this adorable and perfect dish towel. We love it!!
Rhetters is also a bit of a biter. Ouch. And he thinks its so funny! 
Friday mornings mean music class at the library! This is one of addis favorite things to do!
I got brave and took the kids to chikfila after. They were so great! 

Addi went and got Dixie's stairs to reach for an outfit change.
So fancy!!! 
Love her so much. :)
Matching daddy daughter scrubs. :) poor josh looks so tired. This surgery rotation is rough.
Dinner last night at big orange. Sweet babies. :)
Hope y'all had a good one!


  1. Ashely it looks like you guys had an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend! :0)

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)


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