Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekly Recap

Tuesday, Rhett went to his 3 month nutrition appointment. He did SO great. I was so proud and everyone commented on how easy he was. :)
Giving me the stank eye.
Addi made a fruit loop necklace (thanks for the idea Michelle!) and was so proud of her creation!
While Rhett was at his appointment, addi went and played with lily and miles. 
She has so much fun over there.
She was really sad when I picked her up. Haha!
Michelle is such a fun creative mom. Addi just loves her.
We picked up josh for a little pizza date! I suggested pizza first and josh said it didn't really sound good, then addi suggested it and of course he couldn't say no! Haha!
Piko madness!!! I'm having so much fun with my new store.
This boy!! All smiles. I love it.
Our friends at the sno cone place suggested we try marshmallow cream on our sno cones. Oh my word. This is a wedding cake one with marshmallow cream! So good.
Josh has been in real doctor mode all week. Just being honest, I'm dreading the next 15 months. 

We went to searcy and Jeanette gave me some pretty highlights and some layers!
Highlight of the week right here. Moms night out at chuys! We had so much fun, ate too much and stayed out late. It was amazing!!! 
Today we are cleaning and errand running. Boo! 
Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

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