Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pizza Monster

Hey friends! Hope y'all had a good Sunday. I was proud that I got all of us to church this morning. I even put Rhett in the nursery for the first time. He didn't make a peep they said. Just looked around the whole time. We went to lunch at bravo after and addi demolished four slices of pizza plus a large bowl of fruit. She eats like a bird most days and then will load up on some. Ha! 
I had to nurse this little guy in the restrooms while we were there. I normally don't mind nursing with my cover but we were right in the middle of the restaraunt and it just felt odd to me. 
Rhett took a nap when we got home and addi and I spent some qt together. I put my phone up and focused on her the whole time. We practiced writing letters. 
She's getting so good!! 
And we played with these fun things. I ordered several little crafts and activities like this before josh left so we would have fun new things to do to pass the time. 
She really liked these.
Rhett chewed on his hands for most of the afternoon. I think he just realized he has them. Haha!
Addi thought there might be a chance if showers in the living room. ;)
Tonight was the thrones season finale. This was our impression of Jon snow, but we couldn't keep straight faces. I walked away from that episode pretty unsatisfied. Especially after last weeks. I guess they are just setting everything up for next season but it was kinda dull. 
Until next time!

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