Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Thursday

Hey friends! Was your toddler crazy today? Just mine? Cool. Ah. Today was a challenge. Addi hasn't been listening very well at all and has gotten a bit of an attitude to go with it. It doesn't help that she shouts, "never!" when i ask her to pick up her toys. She got it from peter pan and i have to turn my head Everytime so she won't see me laugh! I think a bit of behavior boot camp is in order. 

Good thing this muffin didn't give me any problems today! 
All smiles! That is until I have him a bath tonight instead of feeding him right away and you would have thought I was cutting toes off. Mercy!!!
Addi told me a story today that was about a princess named mommy, a prince named Rhett, a crocodile named Dixie and a frog named belle. I asked who she was in the story and she looked around the room and said she was the tv. Hahaha. 
Sweet girl "brought" me Dixie this afternoon. Poor Dixie. Hahaha.
Sweet sack of sugar!
We went to sip and shop in hillcrest tonight. It was so nice outside. Very cool for June!

She loved this. 

Oh me.
Hope you had a great day!!!!

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Sweet Addi

Sweet Addi
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