Saturday, June 1, 2013

End of the Week!

Happy Friday people!!! So glad it's the weekend. :) 

Their expressions (especially addis) crack me up!!!! Rhett is smiling more and it is the sweetest. 
This is what happened after I told her she couldn't get in the swing with Rhett. Haha!
We went to lunch with daddy later on that day. :)
When we got home, addi wanted to do some tummy time with rhetters. Sweet babies.
I made these rice bowls for dinner. Modeled after chipotle of course! It was just Mexican rice, chicken, cheese and guacamole. SO simple but SO good!!
We went to Larry's pizza today with some friends. Addi ate three pieces!!! I was shocked. That's the most she's ever eaten...ever. Ha! Rhett was content to just observe, although a server guy kept offering pizzas to him. It was really funny.
Addi got suckers there and was using them to tell me when to stop and go. Clever girl. 
After that, we took Rhett for his two month checkup. I told addi he had to get some shots and she was pretty worried about it. 
She kept telling him,"it will just hurt for a second rhetters." So sweet!!!
Healthy chunky monkey!
Right before the dreaded shots. Poor babies, they were both crying at the end. Addi felt so bad for her little brother! She stayed by him the whole time he got them. She is just the sweetest big sister ever. :)
Have a great weekend!!!!


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Sweet Addi

Sweet Addi
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