Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

All I can say is get ready for an OVERLOAD of cute pictures of babies and kittens and fun summer stuff. Whew!! What a great weekend we had! I feel like this summer is going to be SO fun. Addi is at an age where she loves being outside and in water. Rhett is pretty much cool with whatever we do so that's awesome. It's gonna be a fun one. :)

Friday we hung out that morning at home and I cleaned and packed us for the weekend. I feel like this picture pretty much sums up both kids. Haha. Rhett is just chilling and Addi's in a laundry hamper. Cracks me up!
 We went to FBC for lunch with our playgroup that afternoon. 
 Addi was kind of a stinker because she had woken up super early and it just wasn't her best day. We had some issues with taking turns and sharing. 
 When we got home she told me she wanted to take a nap with Rhett. I love how she's holding his little hand!
 She actually did end up taking a nap though! I was shocked. She hasn't napped in months. I told her it was quiet time while I finished packing up and when I went to check on her she was fast asleep. 
 So was this little guy! I think that was the first time both of them have been asleep during the day. It was AWESOME. Haha!
 You need a lot of gear for a weekend away with two kids. We packed all of this stuff, plus Noah, Treece and Eliza and their stuff in our van. VANS ARE AMAZING. 
 Addi was so excited to get to Mur's house and see Kaylie and Kason. She had been talking about it all week! Mur had this cool exercise machine that shakes when you stand on it. The kids played on it all weekend. 
 Saturday morning we didn't see much of Addi because she was having too much fun with her cousins and these new baby kittens. She wanted to bring one home SO bad. Sorry sweetie, momma's allergic. ;)
 Eliza bear! She had a great time too.

 Addi got to feed the horses later on. She had no fear around them. 

 She even played peek a boo with them! Haha.
 That afternoon, we went to the park/splash pad. This dude was conked out.

 We put all three kids in the bath that night. Hilarious!!

 At lunch Sunday, Addi wanted to hold Rhett. Precious.
 Monday was Memorial Day so I dressed the kids in patriotic colors!

 Matching swimsuits!!!
 She kills me.

 The perfect day for a pirate obsessed girl!

 Sweet babies.

 Describes Addi perfectly. ;)

Such a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Summer friends!!!!!

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