Monday, May 13, 2013

Brent and Nandini's Party

Friday night, I kicked off the weekend with this joyfullness from Pizza Hut. It's delicious. Josh took Addi to a crawfish boil. She was really interested in them he said, but only at a distance. Ha!
 I've also started taking orders again here and there. It feels great to be back working again! I really missed it.

 Saturday morning Bible reading time. She LOVES reading to Rhett. It's so sweet!!!
 That night, we hosted a party for our friends Brent and Nandini. It was so cool! Nandini's family and friends decorated our house and it was such a neat ceremony.
 Addi and I with our red blessing marks.

 All the outfits were gorgeous! 
 Josh gave an awesome toast!


Such a fun party!


  1. You look great!! And that pic of A reading R the Bible...PRECIOUS.

    I need to order something from you. I saw that sweet short/tshirt set that you made Addi. I'm thinking my girls need that!!

  2. A reading the Bible to Rhett might just be the sweetest picture ever!


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